Include or Exclude an Employee in/from Bamboo Payroll

How do I Include or Exclude an Employee from Bamboo Payroll?

Purpose: To teach you how to manage which employees will be included in Bamboo Payroll.

Employee Profile

Employees can easily be included in or excluded from Bamboo Payroll from the employee profile.

To do this, go to the employee's profile and click the action menu. Hover your mouse over "Bamboo Payroll" and select whether you'd like to "Include in Payroll" or "Exclude from Payroll."

Once you click "Include in Payroll", you will see a green success message to let you know the sync is in progress: "We're syncing your change with Bamboo Payroll. This can sometimes take a minute or so." Additionally, if you go to Bamboo Payroll in the action menu then you will see the sync is currently happening (see screenshot below).

Please note that current employees will automatically be excluded from payroll until a manual change is made.

Any new employees will automatically be included in payroll unless you manually select to exclude them on the add employee form or they do not have a US address AND US currency for their pay rate. 

Including or excluding employees from Payroll cannot be done via Power Edit.

Add Employee

A new employee can be included in Bamboo Payroll on the Add Employee page. The following information is required for an employee to be included:

  • Numeric Employee # that is 6 digits or less
  • US address
  • US currency for Pay Rate
  • Pay Type must be Hourly or Salary
  • Pay Period
  • Compensation date that matches or is after the hire date

If the above fields are not filled out correctly, you will see a red alert notifying you of the field requirements before the employee can be included in Bamboo Payroll.

What Happens if the Employee Doesn't Sync to Payroll?

If there is an issue with syncing the employee to Bamboo Payroll, you will receive an email notification as well as a notification in the "What's Happening" widget on Home.

By clicking "Try Again" in either notification, you will be taken to the employee's profile where you will see a pop-up box with the reason(s) why the employee didn't sync properly (see screenshot below).

Once the information has been corrected, you will be able to include the employee in Bamboo Payroll.

Payroll Summary Report

The Payroll Summary Report will also allow you to add employees to Bamboo Payroll. The report is divided to show you employees that are currently included and currently excluded. Upon hover, you will see a "+" sign which will either allow you to include the employee in Payroll or indicate that fields are missing and need to be updated before the employee can be included in Payroll. Once the fields are updated, it will allow you to include the employee in Payroll.

Pay Info Tab

If the employee is included in Bamboo Payroll, you will see the "Pay Info" tab on his or her employee profile. If the employee is excluded from Bamboo Payroll then the Pay Info tab will not appear.

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