Pay Info Tab Overview

What is the Pay Info Tab?

Purpose: To help you understand what information will appear on the Pay Info tab, on an employee's profile, when using Bamboo Payroll.

Pay Info

When using Bamboo Payroll, the "Pay Info" tab will automatically appear on the employee profile. The following information can be found on the Pay Info tab:

  1. View Paystub: Quick link to view the employee's current paystub.
  2. Payroll Summary: Breakdown of the employee's current paystub. This will automatically show upon hover but is kept blurred out to avoid other's viewing this information. (See below for more details)
  3. Paystub History: This table includes a line for each paystub since the employee started Bamboo Payroll. Clicking on the paystub date will pull up the paystub details.
  4. Direct Deposit: The employee can add up to four direct deposit accounts and the remaining amount, if any, will need to be paid by paper check.
  5. Employee Tax States: This is viewable only to the Admin and Account Owner. The drop down list will include all states that employees work in for the company.
  6. Federal Withholdings: Basic W-4 Federal Withholding information.
  7. State Withholdings: Basic W-4 State Withholding information. This will depend on what state the employee works in.
What Details Show in the Payroll Summary?

In the Payroll Summary, Employees can view:

  • Pay period
  • Paystub Breakdown: Deductions, taxes, information about the direct deposit, and total gross earnings.
    • When viewing and downloading as a PDF, a couple of new details appear such as the company name and address as well as the employee’s name and address. This is great if an employee needs this information to verify employment or obtain a loan.
  • Pay trend graph: This will update based on the employee's pay over time.
  • Year to date details
How do I Grant my Employees Access to the Pay Info Tab?

If you haven't already, you will need to set up an Employee Access Level in order for your employees to have access to login to BambooHR.

While creating your Employee Access Level, under "See About Themselves", click on the "Pay Info" tab and then grant access to your employees one of two ways:

  1. Grant access to all fields by clicking "All Fields are set to No Access" and changing the access for all fields to either "View only" or "Edit."
  2. Hover each individual field and select which access you'd like to grant.

What's Next?

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