Update my Withholdings

How does an Employee Update Tax Withholdings?

Purpose: To show you how an employee can update Federal and State Withholding information on the Pay Info tab in BambooHR.

Pay Info

An employee can update withholding information by going to the Pay Info tab on his or her employee profile. Basic Federal W-4 Withholding fields will be available for the employee to fill in and the information will sync directly to Bamboo Payroll. The State W-4 Withholding fields will be different based on the state the employee works in. An example of Utah state withholding fields can be found in the screenshot above. State withholding information will also sync directly to Bamboo Payroll.

This information can be updated by simply clicking in each of the fields and making changes. Once the changes are saved, they will sync to Bamboo Payroll.  

When any changes are made to withholding information, the employee will receive an email so they are aware of the updates.

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