Payroll Summary Report

What is the Payroll Summary Report?

Purpose: To show you an example of the Payroll Summary Report so you can be aware of what information is included. This report shows pertinent payroll information for customers utilizing Bamboo Payroll and helps to identify where data may need to be adjusted or added prior to your payroll run.

Once Bamboo Payroll is enabled, admin level users will have access to the Payroll Summary Report to help ensure that their data is ready to run Payroll. The report automatically groups the employees by those who are included and those who are excluded from payroll. This report shows the following fields:

  • Employee Name
  • Pay Type
  • Pay Period
  • Last Pay Date
  • Base Pay Rate (per pay period)
  • Benefit Deductions (per pay period)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Tax State

As you can see in the screenshot above, if information is missing within this report then it will need to be updated before Payroll can be successfully run for the pay period.

What's Next?

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