How does Bonusly integrate with BambooHR?

Purpose: To help you understand what you can use Bonusly for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.


Bonusly solves your employee recognition and engagement needs with a social platform your team will love to use. Reduce turnover by fostering a recognition-rich culture that celebrates success every day. Use Bonusly's people analytics tools to get unprecedented insights into your team's strengths, relationships, and accomplishments.

You can learn more about Bonusly in BambooHR® Marketplace.

How do I enable the Bonusly integration?

Log in to your Bonusly account and click Admin.

Go to Settings and click Integrations. Scroll down to the User Management section and select BambooHR.

Enter your BambooHR subdomain.* Be sure to leave Automatically activate unchecked unless you want to activate all your employees in Bonusly immediately. Then, click Save.

You will then receive a prompt to log in to BambooHR. Once you log in to BambooHR, Bonusly will automatically pull an API key from BambooHR to create the connection.

*This is the first part of your BambooHR login URL. For example, if my BambooHR URL is, my subdomain would be helpcontent.

You should see "valid" (green label), indicating that your BambooHR credentials are good. Your employees are now being synced from BambooHR to Bonusly and will be viewable/activatable by clicking Imported Users Page.

Sync: This integration will automatically start a data sync every night. However, if you would like to do a manual data sync, you can go to the integration page in Bonusly and click Refresh from BambooHR now.

What is Auto Activate?

Enabling Auto Activate means that when you add a new employee to BambooHR, the employee will be automatically added to Bonusly. This setting is off by default so that you can connect to BambooHR and test things out before adding all of your employees.

Most customers enable Auto Activate once they are ready to roll out Bonusly to the whole company. You can do this by editing the integration.

What data syncs between BambooHR and Bonusly?

You can find this information in BambooHR® Marketplace. To learn more about syncing fields, please click here and navigate to the Integration section.

How do I sync only some employees?

In Bonusly, go to Users and click Imported Users. Then, click Configure Activation Rules.

Mark the boxes for those employment statuses you wish to sync to Bonusly.

If there are any new employees you wish to sync to Bonusly right away, you can also do that from your Imported Users page.

Once completed, go back to integrations in Bonusly and click BambooHR. Edit the integration and enable Automatically activate. Click Save.

From now on, any new employees who match your activation rules will sync to Bonusly. Any changes to employee info will sync to Bonusly. Additionally, terminated employees will be automatically deactivated in Bonusly.

Where do I go for support for this integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that Bonusly supports this integration.

Click here to find contact information.