Bamboo Payroll Implementation Tips

We hope you are as excited about Bamboo Payroll as we are! Now is a great time to make sure that your data is in tip-top shape. As you prepare your account, here are some things to keep in mind that will make the implementation process for Bamboo Payroll much smoother. In fact, you will need to meet all of these requirements before you can begin Bamboo Payroll implementation:

  • Divisions:
    • Don’t add anything to this field if you don’t use divisions as part of your payroll process.
    • If you are using divisions and an employee is moved from one division to another in the middle of a pay period, be aware that the employee will receive two separate paychecks in that pay period.
  • Departments:
    • Your departments should also be set up to match what is used in your current payroll process.
  • Time Off:
    • Any time off types that need to be part of payroll should be added in your settings.
    • If you have hourly employees, those time off types need to be tracked in hours not days.
    • If you need a solution for time tracking, please take a look at some of our partners that can offer these services in our marketplace.
    • You may want to check out our help article to learn how to import hours worked.
  • Benefits:
    • Benefit plan names and setup should match what is in your current payroll system. You can change these plan names after you complete payroll implementation, but the process will go more quickly if they match for now.
    • Benefit enrollment will need to be marked for individual employees before continuing on to payroll implementation.
    • Benefit employee pays amounts will be included as deductions in payroll.
    • If you wish to track a benefit, but do not want a pay code created for it, let us know and we can make a custom table for you to track that information.
    • Keep in mind that if you use a 3rd party benefits administrator, you may not need to track your benefits in BambooHR. Please contact a member of our support team if you have questions about this.
  • Compensation:
    • You will need to be sure that you have added the following to the compensation table (found on the job tab) on each employee profile:
      • Pay Rate
      • Paid Per
      • Pay Type
      • Pay Period
    • This information will be used to calculate how much your employees are paid per pay period. Example: If you put that an employee is paid $30,000 per year with salary as the pay type, but the pay period is monthly, the system will automatically take the $30,000 salary and divide it by 12 for you to get the monthly amount.
    • If you use hourly as the pay type, you will need to either learn how to import hours worked or be sure you have a time tracking service that integrates with BambooHR such as one listed in our marketplace.
  • Employee Info Fields:
    • Enter accurate and updated information in the fields that sync over to Bamboo Payroll. You can review the list in our Help Center.
  • Employment Status:
    • Any employee who needs a 1099 will need to be listed as “Contractor” in the Employment Status table
  • Employee Numbers:
    • Employee numbers should be no more than six numeric characters with no leading zeros.
    • If you don’t use or have employee numbers, contact BambooHR Customer Support to get those setup.
  • Terminated Employees:
    • If you have any terminated employees who received a paycheck in the current year, they will need a profile in BambooHR. This profile can be left as ‘Inactive’ so you won’t be charged extra for it, but these employees will need to be included in Bamboo Payroll so that their tax information can be included for the W-2s that will be sent to them.
  • When to Cancel Current Payroll Services:
    • You will need to continue running payroll with your current system until we have your Bamboo Payroll account up and running. DO NOT cancel services until your payroll implementation manager advises you to do so.

Once you are through with payroll implementation and are ready to pay employees through Bamboo Payroll, it might be helpful to:

  • Send a company announcement regarding this amazing new feature. We’ve included an example below. Feel free to edit or add to this company announcement when sharing information with your employees.
  • Grant permissions to custom access levels to access Bamboo Payroll (Admins are automatically given access to Bamboo Payroll).
  • Update your Employees' Access so they can view their paystubs, update their direct deposit account(s), and update their federal & state tax withholdings.
  • You may want to download our Employee Access User Manual (found at the end of the article) so that you can then add it to your Files tab and share it with your employees.
Bamboo Payroll Announcement Example

Subject: Introducing Bamboo Payroll


We are now using Bamboo Payroll. This means your pay information is at your fingertips at your desk or on the go through the mobile app. It’s quick and easy too.

You are also able to make changes to your direct deposit information and update your federal and state tax withholdings. How great is that?

You can view some quick information about how to update information in your Pay Info tab by going to the Files tab in BambooHR.

Watch for additional announcements as extra features are added to your account. And, as always, happy bamboo-ing!

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