How does BeneTrac Integrate with BambooHR?

Purpose: To help you understand what you can use BeneTrac for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.

Experience the freedom of BeneTrac's paperless enrollment and online benefit management. It's the internet-based benefit software that simplifies administration. BeneTrac provides real-time access 24/7 for both administrators and employees. Just imagine how benefits data can be changed, updated, or reviewed at any time, from any location.

You can learn more about BeneTrac in BambooHR Marketplace.

How do I enable the BeneTrac integration?

This integration requires additional configuration by the BambooHR Support team.

If you have not done so already, you will need to contact BeneTrac to set up an account.

Send your BeneTrac Status options and your BeneTrac Site ID to the BambooHR Support team, and they will install the integration for you.

What data syncs between BambooHR and BeneTrac?

You can find this information in BambooHR Marketplace. To learn more about syncing fields, please click here.

BambooHR will only send new hire information or changes to the syncing fields for existing employees. ALL enrollments, mid-year changes, open enrollment changes, etc. need to be done directly in BeneTrac. For this reason, BambooHR will hide the Benefits tab on the employee profile, including the Dependents table. 

What will the integration not do?

Currently, the BeneTrac integration will not do the following:

  • Send information from BeneTrac back into BambooHR.
  • Automatically enroll employees in benefits.
  • Add any spouses or dependents to BeneTrac.
  • Provide single sign-on access to BeneTrac from BambooHR.

To avoid potential confusion related to where the master record for dependent and spouse information will be stored, BambooHR will hide the Benefits tab on the employee profile, including the Dependents table.

Helpful tips to ensure an accurate data sync

We recommend using BambooHR as the master record of employee data. You will want to correctly terminate an employee in BambooHR to ensure that the termination is in BeneTrac and the termination of their benefits.

The BeneTrac Status field (located in the Employment Status table within BambooHR) is the main determining factor whether an employee is active or inactive. For example, if a customer were to terminate an employee within BeneTrac only, the BambooHR profile would still show an active employee with an active BeneTrac Status. When the sync runs, BeneTrac will detect that the employee was listed as active in BambooHR and terminated in BeneTrac, and creates the request update. If a customer then approved this request within BeneTrac, it will reactivate the terminated BeneTrac employee. While this is an unlikely scenario, this is why we recommend taking the appropriate steps within BambooHR first.

CAUTION: If an employee gets terminated in BambooHR and then the request is approved by the customer, the employee will get terminated in BeneTrac. This also causes the termination of their benefits, and BeneTrac will send the termination information to all affected carriers. 

When an information transfer is triggered, the employee profile will send over to BeneTrac regardless of whether they are eligible for benefits or not. In other words, all employee profiles (including any individuals who may be part-time employees) can potentially send to BeneTrac. Please note that the customer will need to decline any pending requests for employees who are ineligible for benefits to avoid having new profiles created in BeneTrac.

BeneTrac updates information based on the Social Security Number field. As long as the SSN field in BambooHR matches the same information within BeneTrac, a new BeneTrac record will not enter into the pending queue for approval and possible duplication of information. Please note that if there is a change in the SSN field within BambooHR, the employee's profile will send to BeneTrac, and they will appear as a new employee.

How does the data export from BambooHR to BeneTrac?

Making changes to any field on an employee's profile in BambooHR will trigger a transfer of information. All updated information sends in a single transfer to BeneTrac once per day (after 04:00 UTC), and the changed data will then appear in BeneTrac's pending queue for approval or denial.

Additionally, an option exists to re-synch all data and send a fresh copy of all employee profiles to BeneTrac (see screenshot below). To do this, click the Apps icon in BambooHR and then click the manage link in the BeneTrac App. On the next page, customers can click Synchronize Now after checking the boxes for active and inactive employees.

This page will also show a record of the most recent update. Currently, the administrator of the BeneTrac account will receive an email notification directly from BeneTrac notifying them that a new file has been uploaded to their "secure upload center." The customer will then need to log into BeneTrac and approve the pending requests.

Where do I go for support for this integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware BeneTrac and BambooHR support this integration.

Click here to find more information.

What's next?

Do you need help making changes to table data on the employee profile?

Do you need help updating data for multiple employees at once? 

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