How does JazzHR integrate with BambooHR?

Purpose: To help you understand what you can use JazzHR for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.


JazzHR (formerly The Resumator) is simply the easiest and most efficient way for growing businesses to hire. It instantly replaces cluttered HR email inboxes powerful, yet simple online tools for promoting jobs, reviewing resumes, and streamlining the hiring process.

You can learn more about JazzHR in BambooHR® Marketplace.

How do I enable the JazzHR integration?

Once you log in to JazzHR, select Settings and then click Integrations. Scroll down to BambooHR and click Connect to BambooHR.

Enter your company subdomain.* Click Next.

If you are currently logged in to your BambooHR account, the integration will automatically connect.

If you are not currently logged in to your BambooHR account, you will be redirected to your login page. Enter your login credentials, and the integration will be complete.

*The subdomain is the first part of your BambooHR URL so if your account URL is https://helpcontent.bamboohr.com then your subdomain would be helpcontent.

How do I export a candidate to BambooHR?

When viewing a candidate under the Candidate Info section in JazzHR, click Export Candidate. Then, select Export to BambooHR. The demographic data for this candidate will be sent to BambooHR and will automatically create a new employee profile.

What data syncs to BambooHR when I hire a candidate?

You can find this information in BambooHR® Marketplace. To learn more about syncing fields, please click here and navigate to the Integration section.

Where do I go for support for this integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that JazzHR supports this integration.

Click here to find contact information.