TRAXPayroll Integration

How does TRAXPayroll Integrate with BambooHR?

Purpose: To help you understand what TRAXPayroll is used for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.

Since 1997, TRAXPayroll has been offering US businesses of all sizes, a cloud based, software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution that delivers trouble-free and simplified payroll processing and administration, time tracking. We emphasize personalized service and long-term relationships. Behind our leading payroll solution stands a team of industry and technology experts that provide exceptional five-star service and support with our products.

You can learn more about TRAXPayroll in BambooHR's Marketplace.

How do I Enable the TRAXPayroll Integration?

BambooHR integrates seamlessly through our API with TRAXPayroll sending information directly into their system. This allows you to keep your employee data as the master record within BambooHR, but do payroll through TRAXPayroll. To enable the TRAXPayroll integration within BambooHR, please contact a Support Hero.

What Data Syncs Between BambooHR and TRAXPayroll?

This information can be found in the BambooHR Marketplace. For more information, please click here to learn more about syncing fields.

How do I Enable the BambooHR Time Tracking Sync with TRAXPayroll?

Approved hours will not sync over to TRAX until it has been enabled in your BambooHR account. Please email us at with your name, company and phone number and a payroll representative will help you get everything set up.

Sync Approved Hours

If you are using BambooHR Time Tracking, all approved hours will sync over to TRAXPayroll prior to each payroll run. This is easily done by using the "remote link" feature in TRAX before running your payroll (learn more about the remote link feature below under "How do I Manage Information Flowing from BambooHR..."). 

If you are using an external time tracking system, you can use the hours importer to manually upload hours worked for employees into BambooHR through a csv file. As long as the hours worked have been imported before running payroll in TRAX, you will be able to sync the hours through the remote link in TRAX prior to each payroll run.

Sync Approved Time Off Requests

Approved time off requests for paid time off types in BambooHR will sync into TRAX for the relevant pay period for all workers. This is easily done through the remote link in TRAX (learn more about the remote link feature below under "How do I Manage Information Flowing from BambooHR...").  

If you are using BambooHR Time Tracking, holidays hours will automatically sync through to TRAX. If you are not using BambooHR Time Tracking, time off for Company Holidays in BambooHR will not automatically flow into TRAX. If you'd like time off for Company Holidays in BambooHR to sync with TRAXPayroll without manually adding them for each employee, follow the instructions below:

Simply create a new time off type for "Holiday" time, or whatever you'd like to call it. You can then have employees request time off for Company Holidays. Or, you can use our time off importer to import time off requests for all employees who will be taking each holiday off. Be sure to follow the specific instructions under "Do you Need to Import Time Off Requests?" in this help guide.

Once the time off requests are in BambooHR for the time off type you created for "Holiday" time, they will sync over to TRAXPayroll when using the remote link feature.

Sync Direct Deposit and Federal Withholding Information

Direct Deposit

Employee direct deposit information can be updated by going to the "Pay Info" tab and clicking "+ Update Direct Deposit."

This will bring up a pop-box where direct deposit details are entered. To add a new bank account, simply click "+ Add Account." To delete an existing direct deposit account, hover over the account and click on the trash can icon. There is no limit to the number of direct deposit accounts added.

When adding direct deposit information, it is important to add the bank details in the correct order. As you can see in the screenshot above, the first direct deposit will be a % or $ from the grand total. The next direct deposit will only be a % or $ from what is left of the total. If there is any amount left over after the final direct deposit account has been added, a paper check will be created with any remaining balance. If you would like to receive the entire remaining balance in the last direct deposit account, you will need to set that direct deposit account as 100% of the remaining total. You will then click “Save.”

If direct deposit information has been added and an employee would prefer to start receiving paper checks, you have the option to quickly delete all direct deposit information by selecting “I’d prefer a paper check." A pop-up will alert you that by deleting all direct deposit information, the employee will start receiving paper checks.

Employee Tax Information

If using TRAXPayroll to store withholding and state unemployment insurance information, please use this help guide for direction on how to manage this data. If using BambooHR as the system of record, please see below:

Federal Withholding

Employees can also be given access to add and edit Federal Withholding information. The withholding information includes: 

  • Filing status: Single, Married, or Married using single rate
  • Exemptions: Enter the number of exemptions
  • Additional Withholding type: Dollar or Percent
  • Additional Withholding Amount: Enter an additional withholding, if needed.

If the Federal Tax Withholding Status and Exemptions are not entered, the employee will be set to Single, zero.

Full Admins within BambooHR will have access to an additional three fields within the Federal Tax Withholding section:

  • Ignore filing status/exemptions: Check this box to have no federal income tax taken or a specified dollar amount entered. Wages are reported to the IRS.
  • FICA Exempt: Check this box to have no Social Security or Medicare taxes taken or reported.
  • FUTA Exempt: Check this box to have no Federal Unemployment taxes taken or reported.
State Withholding

Employees can be given the ability to edit and manage State Tax Withholding information. When a location is selected, additional fields may appear below the Location field depending on each state’s unique requirements:

  • Location: Select if the state withholding applies to an employee’s work or home address.
    • If ‘Work’ is selected, BambooHR will use the employee’s location found in the ‘Job Information’ table on the Job tab to determine which location and associated address to use.
    • If ‘Home’ is selected, BambooHR will use the employee’s home address found on the Personal tab.
  • Filing Status: Single, Married, or Married using single rate.
  • Additional Withholding Amount: Enter an additional withholding, if needed.
  • Additional Withholding type: Dollar or Percent.

Like with Federal Withholdings, Full Admins will have access to additional fields. In the screenshot above, we see that the Full Admin has the ability to select “Ignore filing status.”

State Unemployment Insurance

These fields are viewable by Full Admins only. Employees are set to work in only one state for withholding and unemployment taxes per payroll run, though those states can differ. For example, an employee can have income tax withholding in California and unemployment tax in Oregon.

  • Location: Select whether the state withholding applies to an employee’s work or home address.
  • State UI tax exempt: Check this box if the employee is exempt from State Unemployment Insurance Tax.
How do I Manage Information Flowing from BambooHR into TRAXPayroll?

To manage the information being sent from BambooHR into TRAXPayroll, log into BambooHR and click on the "Apps" icon at the top right of the screen. Then, click on "Payroll" and select "TRAXPayroll." This page will give you additional information about our integration with TRAXPayroll. Click "Manage and Run Payroll" in order to login to TRAXPayroll and go to the administrative dashboard.

Once you are viewing TRAXPayroll information, click on the "Remote Link" tab in order to review and approve pending information updates from BambooHR.

When an information update to an existing employee is made within BambooHR, we automatically compare the data between BambooHR and TRAXPayroll and then send an update request which appears on the Remote Link tab.

You can apply the changes to the TRAXPayroll data from the main synchronization screen or you can click to "Edit" the information and only make selective changes. Additionally, if a new employee has been added to BambooHR, then you can click "Add New" in order to add the employee to TRAXPayroll.

Once the changes sent over from BambooHR have been approved, the employee record within TRAXPayroll will be automatically updated accordingly.

Edit Changes

Clicking "Edit" instead of "Apply Changes" allows you to be selective about which changes you save to TRAXPayroll.

Add New

If a new employee has been added to BambooHR, you will see this information under the Remote Link tab. Simply click "Add new" to be able to add the employee to TRAXPayroll. Then fill out the additional information shown above.

How can Employees Navigate to their TRAXPayroll Information from BambooHR?

Employees who are logged into BambooHR will be able to click on links from the Links widget to manage payroll information, view and manage timesheets, and view benefit information directly in TRAXPayroll. Clicking on one of these three links connects the employee to his or her information within TRAXPayroll.

Manage Payroll Info

Click "Manage Payroll Info" to be taken straight to TRAXPayroll where you can view past paystub information.

View Timesheet

Click "View Timesheet" to be taken straight to the "Time Card" tab in TRAXPayroll where you can add additional time worked.

Manage Timesheet

Click "Manage Timesheet" to be taken straight to the "Time Sheet" tab in TRAXPayroll where you can filter your history to view time worked.

View Benefits

Click "View Benefits" to be taken straight to your benefit enrollment and eligibility information in TRAXPayroll.

Can Employees See Pay Stub Information in BambooHR?

The Pay Info tab will appear in the employee profile once they have been assigned to a pay group.  Your employees will have access to view a quick summary of their most current paystub and their paystub history. Direct deposit and tax withholding information can easily be updated in BambooHR via employee self-service options and will sync over to TRAXPayroll if BambooHR has been made the system of record rather than TRAXPayroll. Employees can also click on the nifty trend graph to view past paystub summaries and sort their pay history. It's actually quite intuitive, so you can probably let them figure it out themselves - time saved!

Any time a new paystub is generated in TRAX, the pay information from that paystub will appear in BambooHR.

Pay Info Tab

An employee can click "View Paystub" to see his or her full paystub details. This contains all of the details of their pay, taxes, and deductions. It also includes a series of fun little tidbits related to the employee's net pay. If employees need to use their Paystub Detail to get a loan or provide documentation of employment, they can either save a pdf or print directly from the BambooHR interface.

If you haven't already, you will need to set up an Employee Access Level in order for your employees to have access to login to BambooHR. While creating your Employee Access Level, under "See About Themselves," click on the "Pay Info" tab and then grant access to your employees one of two ways:

  1. Grant access to all fields by clicking "All Fields are set to No Access" and changing the access for all fields to either "View only" or "Edit."
  2. Hover each individual field and select which access you'd like to grant.
Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by TRAXPayroll and BambooHR.

Contact information can be found here.

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