View Time Off Balances in the Mobile App

How do I view time off balances in the mobile app?

Purpose: BambooHR mobile app makes it easy for you to check your time off balances while on the go. This guide will discuss where to find your balances and how to calculate a future balance.

Home: Current balances

View your current time off balances on your home screen. Swipe left to scroll through the balance for each time off category. Shown time off categories are sorted by the most commonly used categories company-wide.

Note: An employee can only see balances for the time off categories they have access to view.

Calculate Time Off Balance

You can calculate your time off balances from Home or under My Info.

  1. Home: If you swipe left and scroll through all time off categories, you will see an option to calculate future time off balances.
  2. My Info > Time Off: Navigate to My Info and tap Time Off, then tap on the calculate time off balance icon to the right of Request Time Off. Below that, you can swipe left to see your Current Balances for all time off categories.

If you navigate to My Info and tap Time Off, you will see all of your current time off balances. Swipe left to see all time off categories.

To calculate a future balance from the Time Off screen, tap on the calculator at the right of Request Time Off.

Time Off: Calculate a time off balance

To calculate your future balance:

  1. Select a time off category to which you would like to view the balance.
  2. Scroll through the calendar and select the date to which you would like to view the balance.
  3. Notice your future balance at the top of the screen.

You can request time off directly from this screen by clicking the "+" in the top right corner.

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