G Suite Marketplace

How do I enable the BambooHR G Suite Marketplace?

Purpose: To help you understand how to enable the G Suite Marketplace to utilize Single Sign-On and import users into BambooHR.

*Note: A user with admin privileges within your Google Apps Marketplace account must complete this configuration. Google will verify that you have the authorization to install this app on your domain. If you are not authorized, you will be unable to find the app to install.

Activating the Google Apps Marketplace results in enabling Google Single Sign-On within BambooHR.

Step 1:  Locate the BambooHR app

From the G Suite Marketplace, search for the BambooHR app. Once viewing the BambooHR app, click Launch to install.

Step 2: Authorize

Click Continue and enter your email address and password to proceed.

Step 3: Agree to terms and grant data access

To proceed, check the box and agree to the terms. Click Accept.

Step 4: Begin installation

Follow the prompts as you begin installing and configuring the app.

In Step 3, make sure you click Complete additional setup now to complete the installation.

Step 6:  Log in to BambooHR

If you are linking to an existing BambooHR account, the following screen will provide a login page. Please enter your email address and BambooHR password. Click Log In.

After you enter your login details, you will receive a prompt to authorize Google to access your data per their Terms of Service.

Step 7: Import users

If you have chosen to allow access to import users from Google, you will see an option to import Google users into your BambooHR account. Importing users will result in the following actions:

  1. Create new employee profiles: If a user does not already exist in BambooHR, importing them from Google will result in the creation of a new employee profile populated with the user's first name, last name, and work email address. You can select whether to enable the user's access to BambooHR or leave their access disabled.
  2. Update existing employee access: If a user already exists within BambooHR and their access is currently disabled, they will appear on the import page. You can choose to assign them to a specific access level and enable their access from the import page.

Step 8: Confirm the addition of BambooHR users

A new window will appear for confirming the app installation, along with users from the previous screen imported as employees into BambooHR (shows up in your access level user list). 

You can import additional Google users in the future using the G+ button.

Step 9: G Suite Marketplace access

Users can access BambooHR by clicking on the Google action menu and selecting BambooHR at the bottom. Being logged into Google automatically logs the user in to their BambooHR account.

Step 10: Manage the BambooHR app

Within Google Admin, click Marketplace apps and select the BambooHR icon. You will then have the ability to adjust the app settings.