Display Name

What will the display name change?

Purpose: To help you understand which areas of the account are affected or unaffected when changing the display name.

General settings

The display name defines how employee names appear throughout the account. To change the display name, go to Settings and click Account. Select General Settings, and you will find the Display Name field.

The display name WILL change the appearance of employee names in the following areas of BambooHR.

  • Preview: When previewing BambooHR as another user, you will see the display name listed at the top. 
  • Email alerts: The following email alerts will show the display name of referenced employees within the alert, although the addressee will still be addressed by their preferred name. 
    • Benefit Eligibility 
    • Birthday Summary
    • Birthdays 
    • Employee Anniversaries
    • Employee Anniversary Summary
    • Custom Table Date
    • Employee Visa Renewal
    • Employment Termination
    • Task Reminder
    • Pending Time Off Requests
    • Time Off Reminder 
    • Training Expired
    • Training Not Complete

The display name WILL NOT change the appearance of employee names in the following areas of BambooHR:

  • Email notifications: The email notifications address employees by their preferred name if set up on their Personal tab. If there is no preferred name set up, the notifications will show the employee's first name.
  • Employee profile view: First name, Preferred name, Middle name, and Last name (as applicable)
    • Example: Charlotte (Char) Danielle Abbott.
  • Managers, Direct Reports, and Reports To on the Job tab: Preferred name, Last name
  • Employee list view: Last name, First name (unless you change this setting when customizing the list view)
  • My Info widget: Preferred name, Last name
  • Who's Out widget: Preferred name, Last name
  • Celebrations widget: Preferred name, Last name
  • Standard reports: Last name, First name
    • Exceptions
      •  Birthdays, Years of Service, Headcount, and Goals Status: Display Name
      • Additions and Terminations, Timesheet Entries, Employee Project Hours, and Project Hours: Last name, Preferred name
  • Company Directory: Preferred name, Last name (or First name if there is no preferred name)
  • Power edit: Last name, Preferred name
  • Org Chart: Preferred name, Last name
  • Access level settings: Preferred name, Last name
  • Selecting a hiring lead for a job opening: Preferred name, Last name