Job Tab - Improving the Compensation Table (5/11/16)

We are constantly trying to find ways to improve how BambooHR communicates with other systems, especially payroll and benefits. So we've made some minor updates to the Compensation table that will add clarity and depth to the tracking and sharing of compensation data. 

1. Track an employee's pay period right in the Compensation table, allowing you to see at quick-glance how often the employee is paid. 

2. Add a time period to the pay amount. This allows you to specify that John gets paid $3000 per month instead of $3000 per day (bad for John, good for you). This actually makes pay rate two fields in one (Pay Amount + Paid Per) which is reflected in reporting and when updating compensation, but displayed in the Compensation table as one field.

You don't need to do anything to see these changes in your account; we'll take care of that for you. But not to worry, if we don't know something, we will just leave the field blank. As always if you have feedback on these changes we’d love to hear them. Head over to the product feedback page and let us know.