New Account Info Page (5/26/16)

We have made some design updates to the Account Info page in your settings area.

Overall page functionality will remain the same, with the exception of one new area called "Company Info". This section only shows if you enable ACA Tracking for your account and is used for filling out IRS documents such as the 1095-C. If you have already entered company information for ACA Tracking, that information has been moved to this new section.

Other changes to note are that we now show the "Last Payment" under "Billing Information" since your monthly cost may vary based on the number of employees you have. Also, billing history is now accessed directly from this page rather than from it's own link in the menu. 

BambooHR is on a never-ending march towards a high-quality, beautiful product that you and your employees will continue to love. As always if you have feedback on these changes we’d love to hear them. Head over to the product feedback page and let us know.

For more detailed information in regards to your account page and billing, click here.