Request Time Off in the Mobile App

How do I Request Time Off in the Mobile App?

Purpose: Requesting time off is one of the main reasons you will be regularly logging in to BambooHR. This help guide will give you all the resources you need to submit your time off requests for approval.

Do you prefer hands-on learning? Our interactive guides will walk you through different aspects of your Bamboo experience and we even have an interactive guide specifically designed to show you how to request time off in BambooHR's web app. You can use the link below to access this guide. All you need to do is modify the "REPLACEME" with your BambooHR subdomain and you can get started!


Request Time Off

There are two ways to request Time Off through the iPhone Mobile App.

  1. Home
  2. My Info: The My Info tab will automatically default to the user's Personal tab. Using the pulldown, tap "Personal" and then tap "Time Off" to view the time off details.

Select Dates

Scroll through the calendar and select the dates you would like to request. If you need to select a date range, simply click the start date and drag your finger through to the end date or click the start date and then click the end date.

Once you have selected your dates, click continue.

Select the Time Off Type

Scroll through and select the Time Off Type you would like to request. Notice the balance that you will have available on the date you selected automatically shows next to each Time Off Type.

Confirm Amount and Add Note

The amount for each day will auto-populate for you but if you need to change the amount, simply tap your finger on the amount and make your changes. Additionally, you will see an option for "Full Day" or "Half Day."

Once you confirm the amount, add a note as to why you are requesting this time off. Then select "Send."

Request Confirmation

Once you have submitted your request, a notification will appear letting you know that your request has been submitted successfully.


From Home, click "Request Time Off."

  1. Select the dates you are requesting Time Off for and tap "Continue".
  2. Select the Time Off Type (Vacation, Sick, etc.).
  3. Enter the amount of time for each day you are requesting time off for.
  4. We always recommend including a note with your request, not only for the approver's benefit but also for auditing purposes.
  5. Tap "Send" to submit your request.

Request Confirmation

You will immediately see that your request has been sent for approval.

Other Ways to Request Time Off

Under "My Info", you can navigate to the Time Off tab where you can find the "Request Time Off" button to submit a request. The process will be the same as indicated in the previous section.

What's Next?

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