Download and Configure BambooHR's Mobile App

How do I Download and Configure the Mobile App?

Purpose: To learn how to download and configure the BambooHR Mobile App for the iPhone and Android Platforms.


Search and Install the App

Search for BambooHR in the App Store. Once you locate the BambooHR app in the search results, touch the "download" option. Once the app is installed, click "Open."

Enter BambooHR Login Information

You will then be prompted to enter the information for your BambooHR account:

  1. Enter your company's subdomain. The subdomain is the first part of your BambooHR Login URL. For example, if I normally go to when logging into BambooHR, I would enter only company123 into this field. Tip: If your company uses a "" domain, don't forget to click "I have a domain" in order to log in correctly.
  2. Enter the full email address that you use when logging into BambooHR.
  3. Enter your BambooHR password.
  4. Tap the LOGIN button.


Upon login, you will be prompted to opt in or out of time off request notifications.

Additional Settings

Within Settings, you can select various options to easily log into the Mobile App.

  1. Remember Email on Login: This will save your email address and password or enable the user to use Single Sign-On if enabled on the BambooHR account.
  2. Use Touch ID: Touch ID allows you to use your previously authenticated fingerprint.*
  3. Use a BambooHR PIN: This will allow you to create a PIN# to use instead of entering your email address and password. To set a pin, just enter a 4 digit number using the keypad provided and then re-enter it for confirmation. The pin number is used to quickly access your BambooHR information in the future when re-opening the app on your mobile device.*
  4. Support: Submit a support request.
  5. Log Out of the app.
  6. Main menu bar: Stays at the bottom to easily navigate back to other app features.

*Note: If you have PIN and touch ID enabled, it skips the PIN if you are authenticated through the Touch ID. If it fails (or you hit cancel), then it will default to the PIN screen.


What's Next?

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