My Circles for iOS

How can I use "My Circles" in the iPhone Mobile App?

Purpose: This article will teach you how "My Circles" allows you to filter your company directory and calendar to include only the people who you need to be informed about. My Circles is a feature available only on the iPhone Mobile App. 

When viewing the Company Directory or Calendar, you have the option to filter each of these items to show only people in your circle. Click on the employee count icon in the top left corner to make changes to your filter.

My Circle

Select "My Circle" from the list of filter options.

Once you select "My Circle", you will only see the people in your circle in the directory or calendar depending on which filter you are updating. "My Circle" automatically includes all employees who report to you, your manager, and all employees who also report to your manager.

You can easily add or remove employees to "My Circle" by swiping left on their name in the directory (see below).

Add or Remove Employees

To add or remove someone from your Circle filter, swipe left or right on the specific person. If the person is already in your circle, you will see "- My Circle" in red to remove them or "+ My Circle" in green to add them to your circle.

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