View Time Off Requests in the Mobile App

How do I View my Requests in the Mobile App?

Purpose: To learn how to review Upcoming Time Off and Time Off History in the Mobile App.


Upcoming Time Off

Navigate to the Time Off screen to find your request history.

The Upcoming Time Off section will show any approved requests, outstanding requests and company holidays. If the check mark is green then the request has been approved already. If the check mark is gray then the request is still pending.

The History will show any past time off requests that were either approved or denied.

Edit or Delete Request

Swipe left on any request in order to make edits or delete the request.

Request Details

If you select a request, you can see the specific request details or make a comment on the request.


From the "Menu" icon, navigate to Time Off. From here, you can see which requests have been approved, denied or are still pending.

Request Details

By tapping on the request, it will open up the Request Details. From here, you are able to view any comments added by the approver or the employee as well as add additional comments. You can also modify or cancel the request by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner.

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