Approving Time Off in the Mobile App

How do I Approve a Time Off Request in the Mobile App?

Purpose: BambooHR's iPhone Mobile App makes it easy to approve employee Time Off requests. This help guide will discuss how to take action on requests as well as the notifications associated with each action.

Notification: Time Off Requested

When an employee submits a new Time Off request, the appropriate party will receive a notification on their mobile device as long as they have notifications turned on for the app through their phone Settings. 

Time Off Requests

Once you are logged into the Mobile App, you can go to the Inbox to view all requests or you can easily see a quick view of outstanding requests on your home screen.


Tap on the request to approve or deny it. Employees and the approver can comment back and forth regarding the request if needed. From the comment screen, the request can be approved or denied.

If you have edit access to the time off type that the request is for, you will be able to see the employee's balance as of that date. 


Once the approver takes action on the request from the comment screen, they will see a notification regarding the update. Then they will be able to add any additional comments if needed.

What's Next?

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