Employee Access Manual

Is there a help manual for employee access users?

Purpose: Depending on the customized settings your company has selected, you can view your information, and in some cases, edit information based on the access granted by your administrator. Additionally, you will have access to your time off history, and you can request time off within the system.

This manual will guide you through the BambooHR experience. If you have any further questions, please reach out to your manager or HR administrator.

Email notification to access your account

When you have access to BambooHR, you will receive an email notification. Click Choose Your Password to create a password.

Create a password

On the next screen, set up a password you would like to use and confirm it in the second box. Click Reset Password to save your password, and you will automatically log in to BambooHR.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please go to your BambooHR URL and click Forgot Password?

Enter your email address

Enter your work email address, and click Send Email. We will send an email to your email address with a password recovery link. Please note that this link will only be valid for 24 hours after we send the email.

Reset your password

In the email, click Reset Your Password for the password reset link.

Create a new password

You will get redirected to a new page where you can choose a new password. Type your new password in the first box, then type it once more in the second box to confirm. Click Reset Password to save your new password.

You can now log in to your account using your email address and new password.

Future logins

For future logins, use your email address and your newly created password to log in to your BambooHR account. 

If you are having trouble, check out our tips for logging in. If that does not solve the issue for you, please contact your HR administrator.

BambooHR tabs

As an employee access user, you will have access to the Home, My Info, People, and Files tabs. Employees can view their personal information only for themselves in BambooHR.


Home shows company-wide and personal information widgets (information that relates only to the individual employee). The available company-wide widgets are Welcome to Company, Celebrations, Company Links, and Who's Out. Personal widgets include My Benefits, What’s Happening, My Info, Goals, and My Training. The administrator of your BambooHR account determines which widgets to display on Home.

My Info

BambooHR allows you to view, and in some cases, edit your detailed information. The administrator for your account determines your access to fields and editing capabilities. To view your details, click My Info when logged into BambooHR.


The People tab has two viewing options: Company Directory and Organization Chart (Org Chart). The Company Directory shows contact information for all employees in the company. Click your name in the directory to go to your My Info tab. The Org Chart shows the reporting structure of your company. Your administrator needs to enable both views for them to be accessible to all employees.


The Files tab shows any company files shared with you. Your administrator will need to share at least one file with you to display the Files tab.

How do I update my information?

When a field is available for you to update, you can click into the field to enter new information or select a new option from a drop-down list. After updating the information in a field, click Save.

Immediately saving a change in information is dependent on the type of access you have, or the change will go through the approval process. Read below to learn about each change type.

Update information without approval

You may have the option to update field information without needing approval for a change to be in effect, depending on the individual field settings in an employee access level.

To make a change in a field that does not require approval, click into the field to enter new information, then click Save Changes. The change is in effect immediately and overwrites old information. An email notification will not send to any users because this particular access does not require approval. Without approval requirements, the system automatically updates and saves the new information.

Update information with approval

You may have the option to update field information with approval requirements before having a change go into effect, depending on the individual field settings in an employee access level.

To make a change in a field that requires approval, click into the field to enter new information, then click Save Changes. Once you save your change and submit your request, the approver(s) will receive an email notification. After the approval of your request, you will receive an email notification, and you can see the change on your profile.

If a field has a pending change, you will see the pencil icon and cannot make further changes until an approver takes action on your current request. If you would like to cancel the request, you will need to go to the Sent section within your inbox to add a comment or cancel it only.

Each time you click Save on a tab, it will submit an individual request. If you changed the city and clicked Save, then changed the country and clicked Save, two separate requests would be generated (one for each field change). If you need to make multiple changes on one tab, it is best to make all field changes at once, then click Save. In this way, each field change includes in a single change request.

Email notification of an information update request

When you make a change in a field that requires approval, the approver(s) will receive an email notification about your request that needs their review. The email notification will include the name of the field that you updated. For security reasons, the new data within the field always shows as redacted in the email notification. The approver(s) can click View Request to see the entire update request. 

View sent requests in your inbox

You can view your sent requests by going to your inbox in the top right corner of the page when you log in to BambooHR. Click Sent to see all sent requests, including information updates and time off requests. You can change Item Status in the top right corner to view all types of requests: Approved, Completed, Denied, Pending, Canceled, and Signed.

Details of an information update request

Click on a request to view its specific details. New information will show on the left, and older information will display on the right. If it is newer information, then it will show as “added.” If the request is still pending, you will see an option to cancel it in the top right corner.

You can add a comment about the request in the comment box. To do this, click into the box and type your comment, then click Post. The approver(s) will get a notification of any comments made on the request. All comments will save with the request after it is approved, denied, or canceled. Additionally, you can attach a file to the request by clicking the paper clip icon in the comment box. If you attach a file to the request, it will automatically upload to your Workflow Attachments folder on the Documents tab.

Email notification of an approved or a denied request

Upon the approval or denial of your request, you will receive an email notification. If a user commented at the time of the approval or denial, the comment shows in the email notification. Click View Request to see the request details in the Inbox.

How do I request time off, and what is the approval process?

This section will show you how to request time off and what will happen during the approval process when you submit your request.

Submit a time off request

BambooHR allows you to request time off directly from Home. To do so, click Request Time Off in the My Info widget. Fill out the required information regarding the date(s), amount of requested time off, and the associated time off type. Clicking Send Request will submit the request. You can add a note to describe why you are requesting time off, and we encourage you to use the note field with each request.

When you click Send Request, you are submitting the request, and the appropriate approver(s) will review it. After the approval of a request, you can view it via the Time Off tab (located under My Info), and review it in the Upcoming Time Off table, or by selecting the appropriate time off type in the history table, then click Requests.

The administrator for your BambooHR account determines your access to Time Off.

Will I be notified if I have a negative time off balance?

Negative time off balance

A warning will display when you request time off that will result in a negative balance. This warning lets you know your available balance on the requested date and a negative balance if you continue with the request. You can choose to continue or cancel the request submission.

Email notification of a time off request

After you submit a time off request, you will see a confirmation message in BambooHR. The email notification of the time off request will send through the approval process. If there are multiple approvers in an approval workflow for your company, they need to approve the request before it can become an officially approved request in BambooHR.

Approve a time off request

Once you submit a time off request, an approver can click Review this request in BambooHR in their email notification that takes them directly to the pending time off request. They can approve or deny the request through the email notification. Additionally, the approver can go to their inbox in the top right corner of the screen when logged in to BambooHR to take action on the request.

When an approver approves or denies a request, you will receive an email notification that notifies you of their decision.

Email notification of an approved request

Email notification of a denied request

History of time off requests

For an approved request, the requested amount will show as Scheduled under the available balance for the request's time off type. However, the Earned/Used history for a specific time off type will not reflect the change until you have taken time off.

To see a detailed reflection of time off requests that have not yet occurred, click Requests in the History table on your Time Off tab.

How do I cancel or update a time off request?

You can cancel or edit a time off request if it is pending or the date for the request is still in the future. You cannot cancel requests for time frames that have already passed or denied requests.

Cancel or update a time off request

Click on a time off balance in the My Info widget on Home. Another option is to click the My Info tab and navigate to the Time Off tab.

Select the desired time off type in the top left corner of the History table, then select Requests to show requests. Click on the status link for a request you would like to update.

If you would like to view requests within another year, change 2019 to a specific year in the top left corner of the table.

The pop-up box will show details of the request. Cancel the request or make a change and save it. If you make a change within the time off request, it will go through the approval process again.  

How do I view my time off balances?


You can review your current time off balances in the My Info widget on Home. The My Info widget gives a general overview of the current balance for each time off type, and it will show if there are any scheduled days or hours. To view in-depth details of a time off balance, click on a specific balance.

History of time off requests

The top of the Time Off tab shows each of the time off types with associated balances. The Available balance is the net amount of your available time off, including any future approved time off requests that have not yet occurred, which show as scheduled.

The History table gives you the option to select a time off type and show the Earned/Used or Request history for the selected type. Earned/Used history shows past time off requests, accruals, or balance adjustments. The Request history shows all requests under a specific time off type, which includes approved, denied, and canceled requests. 

The Upcoming Time Off table shows upcoming approved time off and company holidays.

Can I calculate my future time off balances?

Calculate a future time off balance

Navigate to your Time Off tab to click Calculate Balance that appears when hovering over a time off type.

Select a time off type and future date to see what the balance will be at the future point in time. Accrual Details will show any future approved time off requests and any accruals that will happen before the future date.

Where can I view the Who's Out calendar?


When logged in to BambooHR, go to the Who’s Out widget on Home. In this widget, you can:

  1. View your direct reports by the brand-colored border around their avatar in the widget display.
  2. Hover over an employee's avatar to show the full date range of when the employee will be out of the office. Additionally, hover over a holiday to show the holiday name and date range.
  3. Click Full Calendar to see the Who's Out information in a calendar view. Additionally, a link to the iCal feed is available within Full Calendar. Keep in mind that your administrator determines iCal feed access.

Who’s Out calendar

  1. Change the view of the calendar to show by week, two weeks, or month.
  2. Scroll through the following months to see upcoming approved time off requests and company holidays.
  3. Filtering options allow you to filter the calendar to show employees by Department, Location, Division, Job Title, Employment Status, or your Circle (peers, direct reports, and your manager). If you do not set a filter, the calendar will automatically show all employees.
  4. Select what you would like to show on the calendar: Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Weekends. If your company uses the iCal feed feature, you can set up an iCalendar feed with your Google, Mac, or Outlook calendar. In this way, selected events will show up in your calendar program instead of having to log in to BambooHR to view them.

Did you know BambooHR has a mobile app? Be sure to download it so you can get quick access to request time off, view the Who's Out calendar, and Company Directory!

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