Company Directory in the Mobile App

What are available features within the Company Directory in the mobile app?

Purpose: Learn how you can quickly access your colleagues' contact information when using the Company Directory in the iPhone or Android mobile app.

General view of the directory

You can navigate to the Company Directory by tapping People at the bottom of the screen. The directory's general view will show the name, job title, and photo of each employee. When you select a specific employee from the screen, you can see their additional contact information (see below).

The Company Directory will be available in the mobile app only if your BambooHR account has the option turned on. For more information on how to turn on and configure your company directory, click here.

If the employee is currently out of the office, they will show as grayed out in the directory and display the date range.

Filter the directory

Filter the directory by your department, division, location, or a filter called My Circle. My Circle automatically consists of your peers (people who report to the same manager as you do), your manager, and your direct reports.

To filter the directory, tap the icon in the top right corner, and select the applicable filter option.

Contact an employee

When viewing an employee in the Company Directory, the following options will be available based on access*:

  1. Contact: One of the best features of our mobile app is the ability to call, text, or email directly from the Contact Info details section. To do this, click on the appropriate icon next to the specific contact method.
  2. Employee Information
  3. Edit Photo: If you have access to edit an employee's photo, you will see a camera icon over the employee's photo. You will then be able to take or upload a picture from your phone.
  4. Edit Information: If you have editing access to information for an employee, you can tap on a specific field and edit its details in the mobile app. An employee can edit their personal information by clicking My Info. The same access levels and approval workflows apply. The web app allows changes to be approved.

*In the example above, Charlotte has employee access. Therefore, she can only see basic information about other employees.

Caller ID

If someone within the directory calls you, the caller ID of any phone number included in the company directory will appear automatically regardless of whether you have saved the number or not. Callers from outside of the U.S. will need to have their country code included in BambooHR for the caller ID to appear. BambooHR will assume that those without a country code are calling from the U.S. 

To enable the caller ID feature in the mobile app, navigate to Settings and tap Phone. Scroll down and tap Call Blocking & Identification, then toggle on BambooHR. Please note this is only available for iOS. 

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