Home in the Mobile App

How does the Home Screen Function in the Mobile App?

Purpose: This help guide will give you a general overview of BambooHR's Mobile App Home Screen.


From Home, you can easily navigate to the following areas: 

  1. Inbox: This number indicates any approvals that need action and any new company announcements that you haven't read yet.
  2. Timesheet: If your company is using BambooHR Time Tracking, you will see the option to clock in/out or manually add your works hours here. Additionally, you can tap "Timesheet" to be taken to the Timesheet tab under "My Info."
  3. Balances: See your current time off balances. Simply swipe left to right in this section to view additional Time Off current balances (if applicable). If you tap on one of your time off balances, you will be taken to your Time Off tab under "My Info."
  4. Request Time Off: Allows you to submit time off requests while on the go.
  5. New Announcements: Here you can find any new company announcements. (see below)
  6. Approvals: Each type of approval (Time off requests, Timesheets, etc.) will be listed separately here. You can go to the Inbox to view all approvals or you can tap on a specific approval type to automatically see the filtered view.
  7. Signature Requests: If you have any outstanding signature requests, you will see a notification here on Home. Tap "Signature Requests" to be taken to the filtered inbox view to find all outstanding signature requests.
  8. Out Today: See a quick look of who is out today on your team.
  9. Calendar: View the company calendar, including which employees will be out as well as any Company Holidays.
  10. My Info: View your basic employee information. If you have access to edit your personal information on the My Info tab, you will be able to tap on the fields and update the information here.
  11. People: View the Company Directory and contact any employee directly.
  12. Files: Search, view, and upload Company Files based on access.
  13. Settings: Manage certain settings for your personal login.
Company Announcements in the Mobile App

Push Notification

Make sure your notifications are turned on for the BambooHR mobile app and whenever a new company announcement is posted, you will receive a push notification.

Notification on Home

Additionally, you will see a notification on Home when you log into the mobile app. Simply tap "Announcements" to be taken to the list of Announcements. (See below) Once you tap to open the notification (either here or in your Inbox), it will be removed from home and only accessible via your Inbox. 


If you tap the Inbox in the top right corner of Home, you can tap "Announcements" to see a list of all recent company announcements. All unread announcements will have a branded colored dot next to them. Again, you can simply tap the announcement to read the full message. (see below)

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