Update My Emergency Contacts

How do I update my emergency contacts?

Purpose: Learn how to add your emergency contacts to your employee profile in BambooHR, so you can be prepared for any emergencies that might come your way. 

Do you prefer hands-on learning? Our interactive guides will guide you through different aspects of your BambooHR experience. We have an interactive guide specifically designed to show you how to update your emergency contacts. You can use the link below to access this guide. All you need to do is modify the "REPLACEME" with your BambooHR subdomain, and you can get started!  


To update your emergency contacts, navigate the My Info tab to select Emergency. Then, click Add Contact.

Enter the contact information for your new emergency contact. If you would like the new emergency contact to be your primary contact, be sure to mark the box. Once you complete adding the information, click Save Changes.

To edit information about an emergency contact, click on the specific box you need to edit. If necessary, click the "X" next to the contact's name to remove them. 

Depending on how your administrator has configured your account, updates and changes to emergency contact information may require approval before they can appear on your employee profile.