Add my Dependents

How do I Add my Dependents?

Purpose: During benefit open enrollment, your employer will need to also identify your dependents. Take action now and be a step ahead by entering your personal dependents on your BambooHR profile. This video will show you how to add or update your dependents at any time.

Do you prefer hands-on learning? Our interactive guides will walk you through different aspects of your Bamboo experience and we even have an interactive guide specifically designed to show you how to add your Dependents. You can use the link below to access this guide. All you need to do is modify the "REPLACEME" with your BambooHR subdomain and you can get started! 

To add a dependent, navigate to the "My Info" tab and click on "Benefits." Scroll down to the Dependents table and click "Add Dependent."

Enter the new dependent's information in the pop-up window. Then click "Save." 

Hover over the dependent's name in the table and click the pencil icon to edit his or her information. Or, click the trash can icon to remove the dependent. 

Depending on how your administrator has configured your account, updates and changes to Dependents information may require approval before it is displayed on your profile. 

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