Create a New Password

How do I Create a New Password?

Purpose: As an employee, you can create a new password any time, as long as you have your email address. If you need additional help, an administrator can send you a link to set up a new password. This help guide will walk you through this process.

BambooHR requires an employee to log in with an email address and password, unless you have enabled a single sign-on integration with your BambooHR account. When an employee is enabled with access to log in to BambooHR, they will receive an email with a link to create a password and login. If the employee forgets his or her password, there are two ways to obtain a new one:

Send Password Reset Email to the Employee as an Administrator

As an administrator, you have the ability to send the employee an email with a link to set up a new password. You can easily do this by going to the employee's profile and clicking on the action menu. Then select "Reset User's Password." This will immediately send the employee an email with a new link to set up a password.

A password reset can also be sent directly from the drop-down menu in Access Levels when assigning an employee to an access level.

If the employee didn't receive the first email to set up a password when you enabled their access originally, it is a good idea to check their email address and make sure it is correct before resetting their password and generating a new email.

Send Password Reset Email to Myself as an Employee

Go to your BambooHR URL and click the "Forgot Password?" link to the right of the Login button.

Enter your email address and click the "Send Email" button to generate the password reset email notification.

Password Reset

Email Notification

From within the email notification, click "Reset your password."

Please note that this link is only active for 24 hours, after which it will be deactivated.  A new notification and link can be generated at any time by following the same steps above or clicking "Request a New Link" in the email notification.

Enter a new password and click the "Reset Password" button.

Once you click "Reset Password", it will automatically log you into BambooHR.

How do I Change my Password?

You can easily change your password by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner. Select "Change My Password."

From there, you will be prompted to enter your current password and then type in your new password. Click "Save" and you will be required to use your new password upon your next login.

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