Update or Cancel a Time Off Request

How do I update or cancel a time off request?

Purpose: We do not want you to miss your upcoming vacation because you submitted the wrong dates on your time off request. This help guide will show you how to change your future time off request or cancel it. 

History table

You can update or cancel a time off request in two different ways:

  1. Go to the Time Off tab and hover over a future request in the Upcoming Time Off section. Click on the edit button that appears upon hover.
  2. Go to the Time Off tab and select a time off category you would like to show in the time off history table. Notice that there are two parts to the table: Earned/Used and Requests. Be sure to click Requests to see a history of requests. Then, click on the status link next to the request you would like to update.

While viewing a request's details, you can change the date, category, amount, or note. Then, click Save or Cancel Request if you no longer need to take time off. 

An approver needs to approve a request first before a manager can update or cancel the request.

As an employee, you can always edit a request if it is in the future. If a request's date is present or past, an administrator will need to update the request on your behalf. A custom access level user does not have access to edit past time off requests.

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