Create an iCalendar Feed

How do I Create an iCalendar Feed?

Purpose: iCal feeds allow you to pull the information from the Who's Out widget and the Celebrations widget into another calendar making it so that you don't have to be logged in to BambooHR to know when colleagues will be out of the office or celebrating a work anniversary or birthday. This guide will teach you how to create an iCalendar Feed and show you what calendar programs the feed can be added to.

Access the iCal Feed

iCalendar Feeds are accessible in two places in BambooHR: 

  1. Who's Out widget: Click the "Full Calendar" link in the Who's Out widget. Once you are viewing the Who's Out calendar, click the action menu in the top, right corner and select "iCal Feeds..."
  2. Celebrations widget: Click the "iCal" link in the top, right corner of the Celebrations widget. 

Create the Feed


Click the "Create Calendar Feed" button. Then click "Copy link" in order to add it to your outside calendar. iCalendar feeds can be added to any calendar that allows for outside URL feeds. Examples of how to add an iCal feed to some of the more well-known calendar systems are listed below.

A feed can be reset or deleted once it has been created. If you reset or delete a feed, it will not remove any previously transferred data from your calendar program but will prevent any new information from syncing. Feeds are automatically disabled for terminated or inactive employees.

It is important to note that changes made to your filter selections within BambooHR may take up to 12 hours to be reflected in your calendar and is due to syncing done by the individual calendar programs. 

Each individual user creates his or her own iCal feeds. The information that is forwarded to the calendar is only what the individual has access to view via their Celebrations and Who's Out widgets. Please note that these feeds are NOT password protected. If needed, each user may reset or delete the URL feed at any time.

Additionally, although you can color code time off types in BambooHR, when the Who's Out event feeds to the individual calendar systems, they will show in one color as selected within each calendar. 

*PLEASE NOTE: We'd love to have a URL that will work for all calendar clients, but we currently aren't able to accommodate all iCal URL requirements for every calendar client. Therefore, if you are currently using Office 365, you will need to make a minor change to your iCal URL before copying it into Office 365.

So for example, if you were using the URL in the screenshot above "" then you will need to change it to "webcals://" Therefore, you will be replacing the first part of the URL "https://" to "webcals://" in order to paste it into Office 365.

How do I Add an iCal Feed to Google Calendar?

To add a calendar feed to Google Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "+" icon next to "Other calendars".
  2. Select "From URL."
  3. On the next page, paste the iCal feed URL from BambooHR. Do not check the box to make the calendar publicly accessible. Click "Add Calendar."

Once the feed has been added, the corresponding information will show in the calendar.

To remove the iCal feed, simply hover over the calendar in the list and click the "X" that pops up. Then confirm you'd like to remove it.

Updates to an iCal feed within Google Calendar is determined by Google. Currently, these updates occur once every few hours. The initial import will update your Google Calendar with all current data at the time the feed is entered into Google.

How do I Add an iCal Feed to Microsoft Outlook?

To add a calendar feed to Microsoft Outlook, log in to the web version of Outlook and follow these steps:

  1. Click "Discover calendars." Depending on what version of Microsoft Outlook you are using, this button may say "Import calendar."
  2. In the pop-up box, select "From web."
  3. Under "Link to the calendar," paste the iCal feed URL from BambooHR.
  4. Add a Calendar name to help differentiate this calendar feed from others.
  5. Click "Import" to confirm.

To remove the calendar, find the calendar on the left side under "Calendars." Then right click on the calendar name and select "Delete Calendar."

Please note the instructions above may vary depending on what version of Microsoft Outlook you are using. It is important to look for an option to add new calendars from the internet.

When you add several calendar feeds to outlook, they might not automatically show at the same time. To change this, be sure to check the circle(s) next to the calendars on the left side that you'd like to show.

How do I Add an iCal Feed to Mac Calendar?

To add a calendar feed to Mac Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Under File, select "New Calendar Subscription."
  2. Paste the iCal feed URL from BambooHR and select "Subscribe."
  3. Verify the calendar settings and adjust as needed.

Once the feed has been added, the corresponding information will show in the calendar.

To remove the feed, click the "Calendars" button in the top left corner of your Mac Calendar. Right click on the feed name and select "Delete."

Notice in step 3, you have the option to select how often the calendar will "auto-refresh." This will determine how quickly new information will be added to your calendar from BambooHR.

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