Interactive Guides for your Employees

The links below will allow your employees to go through a real-time, interactive guide teaching them how to engage with and utilize each option.  

Our interactive guides will walk your employees through different aspects of their BambooHR experience. To get started, select the link you would like from the list below, and then modify it to include your subdomain information. Your subdomain is the very first part of your login URL. For example, if your login URL was, your subdomain that you will use for the "REPLACEME" section of each link below would be, "companyabc."

Once you have modified the desired link(s), send it on to your employees along with the following steps and you're all set:

  1. Log in to your BambooHR account.
  2. Click on the link that was sent (and/or copy/paste the link into your browser).

Please note that if your company is in the UK and your URL is similar to this format: then you will want to change the links below accordingly by replacing ".com" with "".

Getting Started in BambooHR
  • Employee Access: What is BambooHR?


  • Employee Access: How do I Update my Emergency Contacts? 


  • Employee Access: How do I View the Company Directory?
Bamboo Payroll
  • Employee Access: How do I View my Pay Information? (Bamboo Payroll clients only)
  • Employee Access: How do I View my Benefit Information?


  • Employee Access: How do I Add my Dependents?
  • Employee Access: How can I Find My Signed Documents?
Performance Management
  • Employee Access: How do I View My Goals?
Time Off
  • Employee Access: How do I Request Time Off?
  • Employee Access: How do I View my Assigned or Completed Trainings?