Billing FAQ

Purpose: To give you answers to the most frequently asked questions about billing for your BambooHR account. 


How does BambooHR calculate my invoice?

BambooHR invoices are generated in advance for the upcoming month based on the number of active employees in your account, or in other words, how many employees have an active employee record in BambooHR. This means that monthly invoices may fluctuate as employees are added and removed from your account.

You can see how many active employees are in your account at any time by going to the People tab, viewing the Employee list, and referring to the grey number in parenthesis near the top of the page.

Your invoice will be emailed to your Accounts Payable contacts each month with the payment confirmation. Invoices are always due upon receipt and will have a coverage period for the upcoming month. You and your Billing Contacts can view the invoices at any time in BambooHR.

Who am I billed for?

Your account is billed per active employee in the account, rather than the usage of the system. An active employee is any user for which you are tracking employee data. (In order to inactivate an employee, you can terminate them through the employment status table in the job tab of your account.) This means that if the Status field on an employee's Personal tab is set to "Active," they will be included in the billing for your account. This does include contractors, part-time employees, and interns. You can see how many active employees are in your account at any time by going to Settings, clicking on Account and Account Info, and referring to the number under Active Employees. Our billing system takes the number of active employees on a random day shortly before your invoice date, so we recommend making sure your active employee count is accurate a week prior to your invoice date.

Will I be charged during the Implementation process?

BambooHR is a month-to-month subscription service. We include both your Implementation fee and your first-month fee at the start of your subscription because you are able to use the product immediately upon purchase. You'll be charged at the start of each invoice period moving forward, not in arrears, on your invoice date each month.

You should have received a quote from your sales rep before purchasing that shows what you would be charged on your first invoice, including your first monthly fees as well as your Implementation fee. If you do not have that quote handy, reach out to our Billing team for help.

What payment methods are available?

We ask all customers paying monthly to do so via a credit card kept on file or via automatic ACH withdrawals (*ACH option for U.S. clients only). This ensures payments are processed upon receipt of each invoice, avoiding the risk of a past due balance.

A second payment option is to make an annual prepayment. If you prepay annually, you may choose to pay by check or wire transfer* in addition to credit card and ACH payments.

*If you are making a prepayment via wire transfer, please be sure to include your company ID# or domain in the wire transfer memo for identification purposes.

Please note that we do not do payments via monthly invoicing. Invoices are not generated until your invoice date so that we can get an accurate headcount, and they are always due upon receipt. Having a credit card or direct debit ACH (for US customers) is the preferred method of payment. We see the fewest problems with past-due accounts becoming suspended when an automatic payment method is used.

How do I update my payment information?

If you pay with a credit card, your Billing Contacts can update your payment information right from BambooHR. You can also email our Billing team to receive a secure link to update that information. We are happy to send that to any Account Owner, Billing Contact, or Accounts Payable contact.

If you update your information before your invoice date, the new method will be used on your next billing date. If your billing date is today, or prior to today, you may add the new card information and process the outstanding balance from the same page in your BambooHR settings.

If you are making an annual prepayment via check,  wire transfer, or paying with ACH you can email our Billing team for the payment details.

What are my payment terms?

BambooHR believes in earning your business every month, and so we have chosen a month-to-month business model with no fixed contracts. Each monthly invoice is due upon receipt. BambooHR does not negotiate Net Terms.

If there is no payment made upon receipt of the invoice, your account will consider as past due, and you will have a small grace period to make a payment before a suspension for non-payment.

We understand that life sometimes happens and gets in the way. Per our Terms of Service, we bill upon invoicing but extend a 22-day grace period to allow for that payment to arrive. So you might still receive a few automated notifications while the payment remains outstanding, but your account will remain active provided it is within that 22-day grace period.

When you are past due for at least 5 days, Full Admins will see a banner appear at the top of the account notifying you that the account has not been paid. It will give you a countdown to when you will be suspended due to non-payment. Dont worry, the rest of your employees will not see this banner.

How do I update my accounts payable contacts?

In addition to billing contacts, we also have what we refer to as an Accounts Payable contact. These contacts are entered into our external billing system and must be added by a member of BambooHR's Billing team. These contacts are authorized to speak to our team regarding the billing for your account.

Invoices and payment requests automatically send to the accounts payable contacts kept on file for your account. Each account may designate two contacts to receive invoice emails each month when the payment is made. If you would like to update your accounts payable contacts to receive copies of your invoices, please reach out to our Billing team.

Any Billing Contact, current Accounts Payable contact, Full Admin, or Account Owner has the authority to request a change to your Accounts Payable contacts.

How do I update my BambooHR billing contacts?

The Account Owner is the only user who may add or remove individuals as billing contacts. Please note that only Full Admins, Custom Access Level users, and Manager Access Level users will show up as an option in the list for a new billing contact.

If anyone reaches out to our team that is not a Billing Contact, Accounts Payable Contact, Full Admin, or Account Owner, we will refer them back to the Account Owner for written permission to discuss the account.

Billing contacts have the ability to:

  • View invoices under the Invoice History of your account.
  • Update the credit card information on file.
  • Speak with our Billing team as an authorized user on your account.
  • Process an outstanding payment. 

Note that billing contacts can view other details of the Account Info page, but they can only modify the above items. They do not have additional access granted outside of the Account Info page.

Adding or Removing Contacts

Whenever a new Full Admin is added in BambooHR, they will automatically be added as a Billing Contact. Billing contacts may be manually added by clicking on the Settings icon and then navigating to the Billing section. On this page, clicking the pencil icon next to Billing Contact(s) will allow the owner to add or remove contacts.

On the Update Billing Contacts page, click the drop-down and select an employee name. Then, click the "Add" button.

To remove a contact, hover over the individual's name in the list; click the trash can icon that will appear to the right and then confirm that you want to remove that person as a billing contact.

How do I update my billing address?

To update your the billing address in your account, please contact our billing department with your new address details and they will update that for you.

Why do I keep receiving reminders for payment?

If an account has an outstanding balance, our billing system will automatically notify the account owner, account billing contacts, and key contacts of the past due balance.

Payment reminder emails are a way to help our customers avoid the suspension of their accounts due to non-payment. BambooHR has a system of automated emails to remind customers of an outstanding balance, but we also reach out via personal messages when the account is approaching suspension. If your account is past due, pending suspension, or suspended, please reach out to our Billing team.

Refer to BambooHR Terms of Service section 4.1.


What billing notifications will I receive?

You will receive various notifications via email throughout the lifetime of your account. Here are some examples:

  • Past Due: If for some reason your account becomes past due, your Account Owner will begin to receive past due notifications. As a reminder, we extend a 22-day grace period to allow for payments to be made before your account enters suspension.
  • Card Failed: If your credit card on file has been declined, your Account Owner will receive an email with the relevant error information. Additionally, if your credit card is set to expire soon, the Account Owner will receive an email regarding that expiration date.
  • Pending Suspension: When your account is 17 days past due, the Accounts Payable contact(s) will receive an email with information regarding the pending suspension of your account, including directions for updating your payment details.
  • Pending Cancellation: After your account has been suspended, your Accounts Payable contact(s) will receive an email regarding the pending cancellation of your account. Per our Terms of Service, you own your data, and therefore, we will delete all of your company and employee data 30 days after the suspension of your account.


Why is my account suspended?

All monthly invoices are due upon receipt. For this reason, clients who pay monthly are required to pay via credit card or ACH direct debit (*U.S. only). If there is no payment made on the invoice date, each account has a small grace period to make a payment before a suspension.

How do I unsuspend my account?

BambooHR will guide you right in the system on the steps to take to unsuspend your account via credit card. Click on Update Credit Card and follow the steps. However, if you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Billing team.

Refer to BambooHR Terms of Service section 2.4.

Annual Prepayment

How does the annual prepayment plan work?

BambooHR offers the option to prepay annually for your account. Annual Prepayment Requests are created based on your current subscription. The total amount is a projection based on your current employee count for the next 12 months. As a bonus, we also include a discount for paying 12 months in advance. The prepayment, when paid, is applied as a credit to your account. BambooHR will continue to generate monthly invoices, but rather than processing to a credit card or ACH account, the invoice total will deduct from your prepayment credit. If you have additional employees or features added to your account, it is possible to run out of credit before the end of the estimated coverage period.

It is not uncommon for prepayment to last a little longer or have it used a little more quickly than the full 12-month time frame, depending on company growth. We watch balances closely so that we can send new prepayment requests promptly. This allows time for check payments and wire transfer payments to be issued and delivered to BambooHR.

When your prepayment credit is about a month away from running out, we will send you a new prepayment request for the next 12 months. It will take into account any remaining credit you have.

Can I get an invoice for the annual prepayment?

BambooHR is a month-to-month service, and we do not offer annual contracts, and therefore, do not offer annual invoices. Instead, we provide a discount for customers who choose to make an annual prepayment.

To enroll in BambooHR’s Annual Prepayment Plan, please contact our Billing team.

Refer to BambooHR Terms of Service section 4.2.


Does BambooHR charge sales tax?

BambooHR is only required to charge sales tax for states where BambooHR maintains a legal entity or as required by federal/state laws. Sales tax, if charged for, will appear as a line item on your monthly invoice. If the sales tax does not display on your invoice, BambooHR is not charging you tax for your subscription.

Can I request to be charged sales tax?

Other than sales taxes which BambooHR is required to collect from you and remit to appropriate tax authorities, you, alone, are responsible for payment of all such taxes or duties.

How can I submit my tax exemption form?

If you are a not-for-profit or tax-exempt company and not required to pay sales tax, you may forward a copy of your tax exemption form to our Billing team. Not-for-profit companies receive an additional 15% discount and we would be more than happy to accommodate these requests.

Please let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust your account settings. If you are charged for tax before providing us your tax exemption documentation we will not be able to return it to you. We send the money for the taxes immediately to your state, so it would be up to you to request it from your state.

How can I request a W9?

If you need a copy of BambooHR W9 for tax purposes, please reach out to our Billing team.

Refer to BambooHR Terms of Service section 4.3.

What's next?

Do you need to update your credit card information?

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