How does Zapier Integrate with BambooHR?

Purpose: To help you understand what Zapier is used for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.

Zapier allows you to connect BambooHR to 1,300+ apps you use to organize and manage all of their employee data. No coding knowledge is needed and automation can be set up by anyone in just a few minutes. Want to get a summary of who is out of the office every day or week? Looking for a way to add new employees to other systems like QuickBooks? Searching for the best way to get tasks done before a new hire's start date? With app automation tool Zapier, you can automatically get your BambooHR employee data into the apps where it's most valuable to you. That way, you don't have to worry about copying and pasting or exporting and importing employee data by hand.

You can learn more about Zapier in BambooHR's Marketplace.

How do I Enable the Zapier Integration?

Before you enable this integration, log in to your BambooHR account and create an API key.

Connected Accounts

Log in to your Zapier account. Click on "Connected Accounts" and search for BambooHR.

BambooHR API Key

Paste the BambooHR API Key you previously created before you started the integration. Then enter your BambooHR subdomain* and click "Yes, Continue."

*The subdomain is the first part of your BambooHR URL. So if my URL is, then my subdomain would be efficientoffice.

BambooHR will now be connected to your Zapier account.

What Data Syncs Between BambooHR and Zapier?

This information can be found in BambooHR's Marketplace. For more information, please click here to learn more about syncing fields.

Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by Zapier.

Contact information can be found here.

What's Next?

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