Time Tracking Widget

Is there a widget on Home for tracking hours worked?

Purpose: It is quick and easy to track your hours and projects worked on Home. This guide will show you how to use the Timesheet widget to easily track your hours and projects worked through BambooHR Time Tracking. 

Time Tracking widget

If you use BambooHR Time Tracking, the Time Tracking widget is probably the number one reason you log in to BambooHR often. We display the widget in the top left corner and below your basic information. Your Time Tracking widget will look different depending on how you track your hours worked in BambooHR. 

Below today's time entry, you will see the total time for the week and pay period. Additionally, clicking My Timesheet will take you to the Timesheet tab on your employee profile.

Single Daily Entry

To enter your hours worked, click in the box and enter the time amount* worked, then click Save to Timesheet. After entering hours, you will see a note icon appear. Clicking the note icon will allow you to enter a note associated with the time worked.

*You can enter the amount as a decimal or 00hh:00mm entry. Once you enter an amount, it will display as 00h 00m.

Multiple Daily Entry (without time clock)

Click Enter Hours Worked and enter in the time segment.* The note icon will also appear and allow you to enter a note associated with the time worked. After entering each time segment, the widget and specific timesheet will keep track of the history

*The amount should be entered as 00hh:00mm.

Multiple Daily Entry (with time clock)

To start tracking your hours worked, click Clock In in the Time Tracking widget. Once you clock in, the timer will start, and the total amount within the widget will start counting. If you are currently clocked-in, you can hover over the time clock and click the note icon to add a note to your time entry (see below). Click Clock Out to stop the timer and record your hours worked.

If you clock in or out via the mobile app and your location is a requirement based on time tracking settings, you will see a map icon next to a time entry in the Time Tracking widget. If you click on the map icon, you can see the associated location details with your clock-in or clock-out time entry.

Please note you cannot clock in if you have a future manual entry. For example, if you manually enter time for this afternoon but used the time clock this morning, you will need to wait to put a manual time entry this afternoon until after you clock out this morning. This action prevents manual time entries from overlapping with the time clock.

Below the Clock In/Clock Out button, you will see a summary of the current day's time entries. If you add a note to an entry, you will see the note icon appear. Additionally, you will see an option to click +Add Time Entry to enter a time entry manually. This option will only show if you are not currently clocked-in.

If your clock-in entry spans midnight, we will automatically clock you out and clock you in on the next day. For example, if you clock in at 10 p.m. on Monday and clock out at 3 a.m. on Tuesday, your time entries would be Monday 10 p.m. - 11:59 p.m. and Tuesday 12:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.

Project tracking

If you need to assign a project or task to your time entry while using project tracking, click the drop-down arrow to select a project. If there are tasks involved with the project, you can select which of those tasks you are working on during this time. The project and task will show next to the time entry on your timesheet. If you do not have any assigned projects to work on, you will not see this option when entering your hours.

  • If you submit a single daily entry, you can add a project or task by clicking the note icon that appears once you add your time entry for that day.
  • If you submit multiple daily entries without a time clock, you can add a project or task when you click to enter your hours worked.
Time Off & Calendar widget

If you use BambooHR Time Tracking and the Time Tracking widget, you will see the Time Off and Calendar widgets combined as one widget. It will display all information the same, but the Time Tracking widget will be above the Time Off & Calendar widget.

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