Purpose: To help you understand what you can use Officevibe for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR


We are an employee engagement solution that helps your managers become better leaders by connecting them more closely to their teams while connecting HR more closely to the whole organization.

Our approach puts a specific focus on team managers since they are the ones that most directly affect an employee's experience at work. Gallup recently did a study that showed 75% of the reasons employees quit a company came down to their manager.

Officevibe helps you take steps to equip those managers to be better leaders by providing direct weekly insights and feedback into how their teams really feel, issues they face, and actionable tips to help them proactively improve in their role.

Then, for you as an HR Leader, the platform is also powerful enough to give you all the human-level data you need at an organizational level in real-time. You get to see which initiatives are going well and which are not, how each team is doing, and where your time and effort will have the greatest impact.

You can learn more about Officevibe in BambooHR® Marketplace.

How do I enable the Officevibe integration?

To enable this integration, log in to your Officevibe account. Click on the Admin tab and select Integrations. Then, click Configure next to "BambooHR."

Enter your BambooHR subdomain* and click Log In to BambooHR.

*The subdomain is the first part of your BambooHR URL, so if your account URL is, your subdomain would be helpcontent.

Enter your login credentials for BambooHR. Once you log in, the integration will be activated, and you will be redirected to Officevibe to complete the integration setup.

Select if you would like to create users* and invite them later, or choose to create and invite your users once the sync occurs. Click Save & Activate. After saving, the sync will start and run daily.

*All of your users in BambooHR who have an active status will get added to Officevibe.

If you prefer to run the sync immediately when you turn on the integration, click on the Integration settings and select Start Synchronization.

What data syncs to Officevibe from BambooHR?

You can find this information in BambooHR® Marketplace. To learn more about syncing fields, please click here and navigate to the Integration section.

Where do I go for support for this integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that Officevibe supports this integration.

Click here to find contact information.