Add Hours in the Mobile App

How do I add my hours using the mobile app?

Purpose: Clocking in and out of work is easier now with BambooHR's mobile app. This help guide will show you how you can clock in or enter time worked in the mobile app. 

Add hours

There are three ways to enter time worked in BambooHR's mobile app:

  1. Clock In/Out: Tapping this button will clock you in or out immediately. This button is only available when your account has the time clock enabled.
  2. Clock In with a note: Tap the down arrow to clock in with a note (see below).
  3. Add Time Entry: Depending on your company's Time Tracking Settings, you will see different options for entering hours worked. (See options below: Start & End Times or Total Hours Worked)
Start & End Times - Time clock enabled

Once you tap Clock In, the clock will immediately start tracking time. If the counter is green, it indicates that it is currently tracking time. Right below the counter, you will see the exact time you clocked in. If you select a project or task for this time entry, you will see the project and task name instead of the time you clocked in. If you add a note, you will see a note icon.

Once you tap Clock Out, the clock will immediately stop tracking time. The counter will change to black and show you a running total of the time you have worked today. Right below the running total of time worked, you will see the last clock-out time.

What happens if you have forgotten to clock out?

If your clock-in time was the previous day or earlier and is more than 14 hours ago, the time worked will show in orange. You will have different options available that depend on your access when you click Clock Out.

Additionally, you can navigate to your Timesheet tab to clock out.

View Only Access to a timesheet

If you have View Only access to a timesheet, you will see a notification (see above) that lets you know you need to reach out to your manager to correct your timesheet. Tapping OK will enter the total hours worked from the original clock-in to the current clock-out time, and you will need to reach out to your manager or another user with Edit access to timesheets to modify the hours worked.

View and Edit access to a timesheet

If you have View and Edit access to a timesheet, you can tap Verify Time & Clock Out, and you will see the option to change the clock-out date and time. You can make modifications as needed and click Clock Out to enter the correct time.


If you submit multiple daily entries and have the time clock enabled, there may be a location requirement when you use the mobile app to clock in and out. The Full Admin user(s) can determine this setting for your account in Time Tracking Settings.

If settings have a location requirement, you will need to turn on location services* for the mobile app to clock in or out via the mobile app. A notification (see above) will appear once you click Clock In.

*For iOS, Precise location must be on.

Once you clock in, you will see a map icon on the home screen and timesheet indicating the collected location with your time entry. You can tap the map icon to see your location details.

Location details include a map with a PIN, a radius circle of accuracy, and the nearest address if possible. If the clock-in and clock-out locations are within 50 meters of each other, they will group with one PIN that indicates both clock-in and clock-out times. Any collected locations via the mobile app are also viewable in the web app.

Start & End Times - Without time clock

To add a manual time entry, tap Enter Hours Worked.

Tap the Start Time and End Time to select the time segment you would like to enter. If needed, add a note. Once the times are correct, tap Done and then Save.

The entered amount will show in the day detail for today. If the time is in the future and your account has the time clock feature enabled, you cannot clock in until the time segment is in the past.

If you need to enter another future time segment, you can go to today's date in your timesheet and tap the clock + in the top right corner.

Total Hours Worked - Single entry for the whole day

Under Today's Time, tap on the total time.

Select the number of hours and minutes you would like to record. Add a note if needed, then tap Save.

Total Hours Worked - Multiple entires throughout the day

To add a manual time entry, tap Enter Hours Worked.

Select the number of hours and minutes you would like to record. Add a project/task and note if needed, then tap Save.

Continue to add multiple segments of time throughout the day to reflect your total hours worked.

Navigating to the specific date on the timesheet tab under My Info will show you the total amount of time entered for the day, along with a line for each separate time segment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track changes to a timesheet?

Tap on a specific day in a timesheet to see if there are any changes to the time entered. Then, tap Change History to see the list of change events.

The phone icon indicates a completed edit to a timesheet with the mobile app.

What if I need to enter time on a different day during a specific pay period?

If you need to enter hours worked on a different day* during the pay period, tap Timesheet on Home or navigate to the My Info tab and tap Timesheet. Tap on a specific day to which you would like to add time.

*This option may or may not be available to you depending on the type of access your administrator has granted you.

If you need to delete a time entry, tap on a specific day and a specific time entry on that day. Tap Delete Time Entry to remove the hours worked from your timesheet.

Tap the add time button in the top right corner.

Can I view my timesheet for a different pay period?

Tap My Info, then tap Timesheet to view your timesheets. At the top, tap Show: This Pay Period to view a timesheet from a previous pay period. 

Can another user add hours to your timesheet?

If another user has Edit access to your timesheet, they can tap + Add Time Entry or Clock In for you if your account has the time clock enabled. Additionally, the user can tap Clock Out for you to add up the total time worked on your timesheet (see below).