Track Goal Progress

How do I Track my Goal Progress?

Purpose: Staying on top of your goals and updating them regularly is an important part of the process. This guide will show you how to track your goal progress. 

Do you prefer hands-on learning? Our interactive guides will walk you through different aspects of your Bamboo experience and we even have an interactive guide specifically designed to show your employees how to view their goals in BambooHR. You can use the link below to access this guide. All you need to do is modify the "REPLACEME" with your BambooHR subdomain and you can get started!

Track Progress

In order to track progress towards a goal, simply hover your mouse over the percentage tracker and change the completion amount.

Add a comment to keep track of your progress and your direct manager will be notified.

Complete Goal

To complete a goal, move the tracker to 100%. The date the goal is completed will be recorded. Once completed, it will move below any goals that are still in progress.

Goals will be stored in the review period they were completed in. You can view a history of completed goals by changing the review period in the top right corner of the Performance tab. A current goal will stay in the current review period until it is completed or deleted. 

*Note: The employee's direct manager will be notified when the goal is completed by the employee.

What's Next?

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