Track Goal Progress

How do I track my goal progress?

Purpose: Staying updated on your goals and updating goals regularly is an important part of the goal tracking process. This guide will show you how to track your goal progress.

Track your goal progress

To track progress towards a goal, hover your mouse over a goal card and click on the double arrow icon to expand the card. Within the card, you can adjust the progress tracker and change the percentage. 

Add a comment to keep track of your progress, and your direct manager will get a notification.

If you have added milestones to a goal, the option of adjusting the percentage tracker will not be available. You can only change the percentage by checking or unchecking individual milestones.

Complete a goal

To complete a goal without milestones, move the tracker to 100%. If the goal has milestones, mark all milestones as complete. The system will automatically record the goal completion date. Once you complete a goal, it will be moved to the Completed status. You can view a history of completed goals by changing your selection within the Status dropdown menu. A current goal will stay in progress if the progress tracker is not at 100%. 

The employee's direct manager will get a notification when the employee completes a goal.

Close a goal

If the goal is not completed by the due date, you have the option to close the goal. This will make it so the goal no longer shows up with your In Progress goals, but you can still access it if needed.

Once you click Close Goal, a modal will pop up, allowing you to enter an optional comment and confirm that you would like to close this goal. You can view all closed goals by selecting the Closed status from the Status dropdown menu. From here, you can delete or reopen closed goals.