Complete a Self Assessment as an Employee

How does the Employee Complete a Self Assessment?

Purpose: To show you how an employee can complete their own performance self-assessment. 

Self Assessment

Thirty days before the Performance Review Period ends, the employee will receive an email notification to complete his or her own self-assessment. There is a link in the email to go directly to the Assessment or they can access the self-assessment by going to the "Performance" tab, and then selecting "Assessment."

Once viewing the assessment, the employee will answer the questions and click "Submit."

The manager will not be able to see the employee's answers until he or she completes the manager assessment. Once completed by the manager, the employee will only be able to see the manager's answers to the two free text questions as well as any custom questions. Additionally, the employee will only be able to see their answers to the same questions (see below).

Would you like to see what Answers are Available for the First two Self-Assessment Questions?

1. How well does [Company] recognize my value?

  • I feel I am highly valued.
  • I sometimes feel valued.
  • I'm not sure others value what I do.
  • I don't feel valued at [Company].

2. What would have the greatest impact on my ability to do my best work more often?

  • The company direction or purpose was better defined.
  • Coworkers were more committed to doing great work.
  • Work that better fits my strengths.
  • I have what I need to do my best work every day.
  • Other*

*If "Other" is selected, a text box will appear and the employee will be required to add additional information before submitting the assessment. This text box does have a limit of 100 characters.

Confirm Submission

Charlotte Abbott - Performance

The employee will need to confirm the completed assessment since they will not be able to make any changes once it is complete.

Once the assessment has been completed, an admin user will be able to unlock an assessment when needed.

Is the Manager Notified when an Assessment has been Completed?
Charlotte Abbott Completed the Self Assessment - - BambooHR Mail

Once the employee submits the assessment, the manager will be notified via email. If the manager has completed the manager assessment, they will be able to see the employee's answers in the notification. If the manager has not yet completed their assessment, the email will include a link for the manager to log in and complete the manager assessment. 

Assessment Complete

An employee can review past assessments by changing the Review Period in the top right of the tab.

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