Employee Documents in the Mobile App

How do I view documents in the mobile app?

Purpose: To show you how to quickly and easily access documents in the mobile app.


To access* your documents on the mobile app, tap My Info, then tap Documents before tapping on a corresponding folder. Additionally, tap Search documents to search the title of a specific document.

*If you have access to an employee's documents on the web, you can see the documents on the employee's profile in the mobile app. 

Once you tap on a folder, you will see a list of all subfolders and documents in the folder. Tap on a document to see a preview.

When you view the document, you can use two fingers to pinch the screen and zoom in or out.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner to see an option to share the document.

How do I upload a document in the mobile app?

If you have access* to upload a document, you will see the Upload button on your Documents tab in the mobile app.

*If you have access to upload employees' documents on the web, you can see the Upload button on the Documents tab on an employee's profile in the mobile app. 

You can upload a document in the mobile app with one of the following options:

  1. Scan Document - This option opens up the Camera app on your mobile phone and allows you to take a picture of the document in order to scan and upload it (see below). Once you complete this action, it will remove the extra space around the image and format it into a document file.
  2. Take Photo - Use the Camera app on your phone to take a picture of the document. This option is similar to taking a regular photo on your phone. It will not cut out the extra space and format it into a document file.
  3. Photo Library - Upload an existing photo from your photo library on your mobile phone.

Scan Document

Once you scan and upload a document, you will land on a page to review your capture. You can name the document and choose a folder to store it in.  Additionally, you can tap the Add Another Page option if you need to scan multiple pages before saving the document. When viewing a document page, you can rotate it, re-crop its corners, and enhance it to color instead of the black and white default.

How do I sign a document in the mobile app?

If you have a pending signature request, you will see a notification on Inbox in the bottom menu. Tap Inbox and you will see all outstanding signature requests under the Signature Requests section.

Tap on a signature request to open the document. You can start your signature by tapping the blue field or the Start button to begin.

When you tap on a field in a document, the screen automatically zooms into the field, and it will turn yellow. You can scroll through the document and move to different pages at any time. The yellow flags in the document will help you find the required fields.

Depending on the field* type, you will get a prompt to complete the field's information. In the example above, I have the option to use my saved signature or to edit it. Editing allows me to draw or type my signature. The type option will automatically generate my signature from the First and Last name fields on my Personal tab, and I can edit from there if needed. Once the signature is ready, I tap Use Signature, and the signature will appear in the signature box. A green checkmark will appear in the top right corner once the field is complete. You will also see an Edit Signature button for editing, or you can tap Next if there are additional fields in the document.

You can tap Finish Later any time to save your signing progress before exiting the document. Next time you open the document, you can pick up where you left off.

*A red asterisk will appear in the top right corner of each required field. 

Once you have drawn or typed your signature in the mobile app, the app will save your signature for future use. You will see an option named "Use Saved Signature" in addition to "Edit Signature" for the signature fields. This option is also available for the initials field.

Upon tapping Finish, it will take you to a confirmation screen to agree that you are signing the document electronically. If you choose to cancel, you will have the option to save your progress before canceling.

Once you tap I Agree, you will return to your inbox and see a confirmation message.  

You can view a signed document by navigating to My Info  > Documents  > Signed Documents, then tap on the document you want to view within the app. If you scroll to the bottom of the document file, you will see the signature information.

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