Viewing Time Off History

How do I view Time Off History for Previous Years?

Purpose: To help you understand how you can tailor the history that displays for an employee's time off.

Time Off History

By default, the time off historical tables will only show information relating to the current year. To view information from a previous/coming year, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the employee's Time Off tab.
  2. Select the type of time off you'd like to view in the History table.
  3. Click on the year drop-down just above the table on the left-hand side to change the year being viewed to another individual year. Additionally, you can select the "All" option from the drop-down to show all history for all years.
  4. Select whether to view the Earned/Used or Requests history.

The Upcoming Time Off table will show all upcoming time off requests, regardless of if it has been approved or not, as well as any company holidays in the next 60 days.

Earned/Used History

The Earned/Used table displays the detailed history for hours/days accrued and used up to the current point in time.

  1. Approved Requests: On the first day of the request period, BambooHR will deduct the full request amount from the current balance and place it in the Earned/Used table.
  2. Adjustments
  3. Accruals: Automatic accruals stemming from the policy assigned to the employee.
Requests History

When you click on "Requests," you will find the associated date, comment, status, and amount requested for that specific type. There are five available status options for a request:

  1. Superseded: A request that was originally made by the employee but is then changed by the employee or higher level user. Once the request is changed, the previous request will show as superseded and the new changes will add a new request with a "requested" status. Superseded requests do not deduct from the employee's balance, but give a full history of the requests.
  2. Denied: A request that has been declined. Denied requests cannot be edited.
  3. Approved*: A request that has been approved. Notice that the "approved" message is an active link. This allows the employee or an administrator to edit or cancel the request using this link. The employee can only edit a request if it is in the future. Once the request is in the past, the administrator is the only one who can edit the request. If an employee edits an approved request, it will resubmit the request for approval.
  4. Requested: A request that is still pending or waiting for approval.
  5. Canceled: An employee may cancel a request while it is still pending, or after it has been approved as long as it has not yet occurred.**

*Only requests with an "Approved" status will be deducted from the employee's balance.

**For a request that spans over multiple days, it will be marked as having "occurred" if the first day of the period has begun.


What's Next?

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