Where can I see my billing information?

Purpose: The Billing tab in Settings shows your basic billing information for your account. This help guide will give you an example and describe the information that shows on this tab.


Click Account in Settings and select Billing

  1. Current Package: This displays the BambooHR package that you are currently using and the headcount for the total number of active employees in your account.
  2. Current Add-Ons: This section lists the current add-ons you have enabled in your account. Click Explore other available add-ons to learn about additional add-ons we have available in BambooHR.
  3. Billing Center: Here you can view information on your two most recent payments. If there is at least one payment, the far right side of the section has an Invoice History card that can be clicked on to visit the Invoice History page. See below to learn more about viewing your billing history.
  4. Billing Information: View your current billing address and the credit card you have on file. See below to learn how to update these pieces of information.
  5. Billing Contacts: This shows which users in your account are authorized to view and update billing information. See below to learn more about how you can update your billing contacts.
Invoice History

The Invoice History is viewable to the Account Owner and all Billing Contacts. 

From the Billing Center, Click Invoice History to see a list of your billing history sorted by year. 

You can set the date range to see all invoices within the selected date range. The Invoice History includes the following information:

  1. Billing Date
  2. Amount
  3. Invoice #
  4. Option to preview or download a PDF of the invoice (see below) *Note - these options are only shown when hovering over a line of history.

You can select invoices individually or bulk select all invoices on the page to include them in a CSV download. After selecting at least one invoice, click the Export button and select CSV to download the selected invoices.

In addition to the information listed above, the balance will also be included in the export. Please note that a non-zero balance will only show if you have not paid the entire amount on the invoice yet.


Process a Payment

If you have a failed payment, you will enter the grace period. You can find information about your past due repayment(s) in the Billing Center section in Settings. The total past due amount is shown as well as either the number of days the payment is past due if there’s only one, or if more than one invoice is past due, the number of payments.

There is also a button to Retry Payment and a link to Update Card and Retry Payment. Clicking Retry Payment will open a modal where you can retry the payment using the card on file. Select which invoice(s) you would like to pay for and click Submit Payment. Please note: Any invoices older than 21 days past due must be selected to be paid in this modal. Information about the most recent payment method is in the top left hand corner.

This excludes the ability to prepay annually. To process an annual prepayment please contact our billing team.

Update ACH Info

If using ACH as the preferred payment method, Account Owners and Billing Contacts can update the ACH information by navigating to the Billing tab under Settings. Clicking on Update ACH Info in the Billing Information box will allow you to edit the following information:  

  • The name for the Account Holder (no symbols or punctuation) 
  • Phone Number, only including the numbers 
  • Valid Email Address 
  • Bank Name 
  • Routing Number 
  • Bank Account Number 
  • Account Type

Be sure to click Save to update your changes. Clicking the X in the right corner of the modal will not save your changes. 

Please note that you will need to reach out to our Support team if you wish to update the billing address. 

Update Card

Please note that this link is only available to the Account Owner and any billing contacts listed in your account.

To change the credit card you have on file, click Update Card.

Update your credit card information and click Save to save your changes. After saving your new credit card information, an email confirmation will send to all of your billing contacts and the Account Owner.

Please note: If your account is currently past due, you may receive a prompt to reach out to a support hero to avoid suspension. If your card has expired, the card number and expiration date will be highlighted orange. You can either click Update Card if the card has expired but no payments have been attempted since expiration, or if a payment was missed since the card expired, you can click Update Card and Retry Payment.

Update Billing Address

Your current billing address is found in the Billing Information section in Settings. If your company pays using a *credit card, you can update this address by clicking Update Billing Address. Updating the address will automatically update both the Sold To and Bill To addresses on the your invoice. Street Address 1, City and Zip Code are required fields. Please note that you will not be able to change the State or Country here. If you need to update those two fields, please contact our billing team.

*If you need to update your billing address and your company pays with ACH, please reach out to our billing team.

Billing Contacts

If you would like to add an account payable contact who needs to receive emailed invoices and past-due notifications, they will also need to be added to our internal billing system. Please reach out to our billing team to set this up.

All new Full Admins are automatically added as billing contacts. The Account Owner who adds the new Full Admin will receive an email alert reminding them that this employee will also be a billing contact. If another Full Admin has added them, the Account Owner will receive an email alert telling them who has added the new Full Admin and that they are a Full Admin and a billing contact.

The Account Owner can remove that access if needed (see below).

Access for billing contacts

Billing contacts can:

  • View invoices under the Billing History of your account.
  • Update the credit card information on file.
  • Request to cancel an account or other BambooHR products. 

Note that billing contacts can view the Account Info tab and the Billing tab, but they can only modify the above items. Billing contacts do not have any additional access granted.

Add or remove a billing contact

Billing Info - 1 Add-On

To add or remove a billing contact, go to Settings > Billing >  and click on the edit icon next to Billing Contacts.

The Account Owner is the only user who can add or remove individuals as billing contacts. Please note that only Full Admins, custom access level users, and manager access level users will show up as an option in the list to add a new billing contact.

On the Update Billing Contacts page, click the drop-down list and select an individual's name. Then, click Add.

To remove a contact, hover over the individual's name in the list and click on the trash can icon that appears to the right. Confirm that you want to remove the individual as a billing contact.

What's next?

Do you want to learn more about what information shows on the Account Info tab? 

Check out our Billing FAQ guide for more help with your billing questions.