Thirty Thirty: March 2021

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve improved BambooHR within the last 30 days.

Last 30

Geolocation (Time Tracking Add-On)

You may have employees clock in at various job locations or even in the office. Either way, it can be helpful to see where the work is being done. That’s why we’ve added Geolocation to our Time Tracking solution. This added functionality provides the ability for employers to see the location on a map of where their employees clock in and out from when using the mobile app. Geolocation allows the mobile workforce to have increased visibility, accuracy, and accountability.

New Hire Packet Templates (Advantage Package)

We know that modifying new hire packets for different job types, roles, and locations can be a time-consuming experience, especially when onboarding many employees at once. We also understand that personalizing the onboarding experience is one of the best ways you can improve new hire engagement. With this in mind, you now have New Hire Packet Templates, which allow you to create more personalized “When & Where” section instructions and “Get To Know You” email questions for all the different types of new hires you bring on board.

BambooHR Learning

Learning more about BambooHR just became much easier. Admins now have access to BambooHR Learning, a new self-paced, on-demand, look into your BambooHR account. You have the ability to choose learning plans and courses that offer you a real-life simulation of each product in BambooHR. View, try, and test to become a BambooHR expert. 

Save Signed Docs to a Specific Folder (Advantage Package)

Setting you free to do great work begins with saving you time. You now have a new way to save time when it comes to managing your electronic documents. Up until now, signed documents would automatically save to the Signed Documents folder, which meant they had to be moved if you wanted them saved in a different folder. Now, you can specify where documents should be stored once they're signed by specifying the “save to” folder during signature setup.

Custom Application Question Types (Advantage Package)

To support you in your mission to find the best possible candidates, you can now choose from checkbox, yes/no, short written answer, or multiple choice question types when creating custom application questions for your job openings. You can even allow candidates to upload files as part of an answer. This will give you the flexibility you need to get answers to your most pressing hiring questions while creating a more direct and clear application experience for candidates.

Export Reports With Filters

Have you ever exported a report and then thought, “Did I filter this by Marketing or Sales?” Now when you export a report from BambooHR (CSV, Excel, or PDF) it will show on the report what filters you’ve applied.

Next 30

Employee Satisfaction with Manual Sentiment (Advantage Package)

With Employee Satisfaction, employees can provide excellent feedback on what they love about your company and areas where they’d like to see improvement. Soon you’ll be able to contextualize that feedback by adding sentiment to the free response comments employees leave in their eNPS surveys. We’ll also be updating the look and functionality of the eNPS reports to show sentiment on the topics your employees are talking about. These changes will help companies better analyze trends and topics that should be addressed to turn a good place to work into a great place to work.

Candidate List View Updates (Advantage Package)

Hiring efficiency is crucial to winning the race for top talent and we want you to be as efficient as possible when it comes to selecting the right candidates to join your team. Soon, you’ll see more details about a candidate in the candidate list view, including their location, whether they’re being considered for multiple positions, how long they’ve spent in their most recent hiring stage, and the last email contact had with them. It’s our hope that surfacing these details will help you recall and take action with candidates without having to dig into their candidate profile, saving you time and making your recruiting function more efficient.

Thanks, and Happy Bambooing!