Thirty Thirty: April 2021

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve improved BambooHR within the last 30 days.

Last 30

Employee Satisfaction with Manual Sentiment (Advantage Package)

With Employee Satisfaction, employees can provide excellent feedback on what they love about your company and areas where they’d like to see improvement. Now, you’re able to contextualize that feedback by adding sentiment to the free response comments employees leave in their eNPS surveys. We’ve also updated the look and functionality of the eNPS reports to show sentiment on the topics your employees are talking about. These changes will help companies better analyze trends and topics that should be addressed to turn a good place to work into a great place to work.

Next 30

Document Management Improvements

Since managing employee documents is a critical part of maintaining an accurate employee record, we’re happy to say we’re making it easier than ever to stay organized and compliant. Soon, you’ll notice a new default grid view in the documents tab instead of the standard list view, which will come with some awesome advantages. First, you’ll see a padlock icon so you can quickly identify which folders employees have access to. We’ll also include the option to add folder descriptions so it’s clear what each folder is used for. We’re also adding the option to drag and drop files to upload them and a search bar for quickly finding an employee document.

Onboarding Task & Notification Updates (Advantage Package)

On the heels of releasing New Hire Packet Templates, we’re making updates to how onboarding tasks are modified and assigned to make you and your onboarding programs more efficient than ever. Soon, when importing onboarding tasks into a New Hire Packet, you’ll see all onboarding tasks, not just those assigned to the new hire, which you can view details of and modify just like you would in onboarding settings. We’re also updating how you let people know a task has been assigned to them. Normally, we would notify assignees immediately but since some tasks are due days or weeks after the hire date, you now have the option to specify when notifications are sent out to assignees. By default, onboarding task notifications will be sent 15 minutes after the new hire packet is completed, but you’ll also have the option to send onboarding task notifications on the day the task is due, or on a specific day before the task due date. We’ll also include additional information about the new hire like job title, office location, and hire date in onboarding task notifications to employees. This will reduce noise, keep onboarding programs running smoothly, and prevent onboarding activities from slipping through the cracks.

Impromptu & Skip Assessments (Performance Management Add-On)

We have two new releases for Performance Management! Soon you’ll be able to schedule an impromptu assessment with an employee who’s not already in an active assessment cycle, and you’ll be able to skip an assessment for an employee who is in an active review cycle. When scheduling an impromptu assessment you will also be able to bypass the 45-day rule. This means that if you hire a new employee and want to do an assessment on their 30-day mark managers/admins can schedule an impromptu assessment with the employee to see how they’re adjusting to the company. This provides more flexibility for the admin/manager to customize their assessment program to their organization's needs.

Candidate List View Updates (Advantage Package)

We want you to be as efficient as possible when it comes to selecting the right candidates to join your team. Soon, you’ll see more details about a candidate in the candidate list view, including their location, whether they’re being considered for multiple positions, how long they’ve spent in their most recent hiring stage, and the last email contact had with them. It’s our hope that surfacing these details will help you recall and take action with candidates without having to dig into their candidate profile, saving you time and making your recruiting function more efficient.

Thanks, and Happy Bambooing!