Goals in the Mobile App

Can I create and manage goals in the mobile app?

Purpose: This help guide will show you how to view and manage your goals in the mobile app.


You can find goals in the mobile app by tapping My Info and then tapping Performance. Here, you will see a list of all of your goals that are in progress. If you would like to see a list of completed and closed goals, tap the filter icon (see below).

Create a new goal

Tap + New Goal in the top right to create a new goal. From here, you can add the goal name, description, due date, milestones, and who to share it with. To add a milestone, click +Add Milestone at the bottom of the goal creation screen.

Goal details

Tapping on a specific goal will show you the goal details. You can use the slider to update goal progress, add a comment, or edit the goal. For goals with milestones, you will need to adjust the slider via checking or unchecking individual milestones. 

The Edit option will allow you to edit the goal name, description, due date, and with who it is shared. Also, you can use the Edit option to delete the goal. If the goal aligns with another goal, that information will reflect in Goal Details.

Additionally, tap Shared with if you would like to share the goal with additional users.

Close a goal

If the goal is not completed by the due date, you have the option to close the goal. Select your goal, and click the Edit option at the top, swipe to the bottom, and tap Close Goal. From here, confirm you would like to close this goal and add a comment, if needed.

If you need to locate your closed goals, tap the filter button and select Closed.

If you need to reopen a goal, locate your closed goals, select the specific goal and click Reopen Goal. Confirm you would like to reopen the goal and it will now show in your In Progress list.