Thirty Thirty: May 2021

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve improved BambooHR within the last 30 days.

Last 30

Impromptu & Skip Assessments (Performance Management Add-On)

We have two new releases for Performance Management! Now, you’re able to schedule an impromptu assessment with an employee who’s not already in an active assessment cycle, and you’ll be able to skip an assessment for an employee who is in an active review cycle. Now the manager can decide when an employee might be ready for an assessment. So if you hire a new employee and want to do an assessment on their 30-day mark to see how they're adjusting to the company, these impromptu assessments provide the flexibility to make it happen. It's another way for managers and admins to customize your assessment program for your organization's needs.

Employee Satisfaction on Mobile

It’s important for you to hear from your employees on how your company is doing. Employees can now complete the two-question eNPS survey directly from their mobile app. This new update lets employees answer the survey wherever and whenever it fits their schedule, not just when they’re in range of a desktop computer. As with the desktop version, the mobile app keeps employee responses completely anonymous, giving employees the confidence to give authentic and actionable answers.

Goals on Mobile (Performance Management Add-On)

It’s always been our goal to make the mobile app the best it can be and now we’re one step closer to that. You can now create, update, and share your performance management goals in your BambooHR app. Now you have the freedom to revisit your goals wherever you like - at a computer, on your phone at the park, during an unexpectedly bad movie, on your couch—really. Wherever you want.

Employee Satisfaction Filtering Update (Advantage Package)

Your small teams are just as important as your large teams. Now when viewing your Employee Satisfaction report you’ll be able to see charts, trend lines, repeatedly mentioned topics, and all tags for employee groups of 4 employees or more. ‘Why’ responses will still only be shown for employee groups of 6 or more. Also, you will now be able to multi-select filters in department or division. These updates allow you to refine your focus and identify trends happening in your smaller teams, so you can make sure that they’re taken care of too. 

Next 30

Onboarding Task & Notification Updates (Advantage Package)

On the heels of releasing New Hire Packet Templates, we’re making updates to how onboarding tasks are modified and assigned to make you and your onboarding programs more efficient than ever. Soon, when importing onboarding tasks into a New Hire Packet, you’ll see all onboarding tasks, not just those assigned to the new hire. You’ll be able to view details and modify these tasks just like you would in onboarding settings. We’re also updating how you let people know an onboarding task has been assigned to them. Normally, we would notify assignees immediately but since some tasks are due days or weeks after the hire date, you'll have the option to specify when notifications are sent out to assignees. By default, onboarding task notifications will be sent 15 minutes after the new hire packet is completed, but you’ll also have the option to send onboarding task notifications on the day the task is due, or on a specific day before the task due date. Employees will also see additional information about the new hire—like job title, office location, and hire date—in their onboarding task notifications. This will reduce noise, keep onboarding programs running smoothly, and prevent onboarding activities from slipping through the cracks. 

Candidate List View Updates (Advantage Package)

We want you to be as efficient as possible when it comes to selecting the right candidates to join your team. Soon, you’ll see more details about a candidate in the candidate list view, including their location, whether they’re being considered for multiple positions, how long they’ve spent in their most recent hiring stage, and the most recent email contact you’ve had with them. Putting these details front and center helps make your next hiring steps clearer without having to dig into every candidate profile, saving you time and making your recruiting process more efficient. 

Gender Identity Options

We want all employees to feel respected and included at work. We’re happy to announce admins will soon have the option for employees to specify the gender they identify with most along with the option to specify their pronouns. In addition to male and female options, we’ll provide a nonbinary category that will include a number of subcategories, allowing employees to choose the one with which they most identify.

Additional Job Board Integrations (Advantage Package)

With a growing skills gap, finding qualified candidates is arguably the most challenging aspect of hiring today. That’s why we can’t wait to give you new ways to get your job openings in front of prospective candidates with the addition of ZipRecruiter and Facebook Jobs. Get the word out and gain access to 25 million monthly job seekers when you post open jobs on ZipRecruiter, and more than 1.8 billion Facebook users around the world when you share to Facebook Jobs.

Candidate Talent Pools (Advantage Package)

Starting a job search from scratch can be a daunting task and with hiring starting to heat up again you simply can’t afford any delays.  To help you keep the pace, we’re bringing candidate talent pools to BambooHR. Soon, you’ll have the ability to move applicants who just didn’t quite make the cut into a candidate pool for future consideration so when it comes time to hire for your next position, you’ll have a vetted list of qualified candidates as you begin your search. 

Required Fields

It’s important for the right people in your organization to have the right data, but sometimes they might not have the right access levels to see that data. Soon, when you share a report with someone who doesn’t have access to select fields in the report an alert will pop up letting you know which fields they don’t have access to. 

Thanks, and Happy Bambooing!