Assign Check Numbers

Purpose: This help guide will show you how to print paper checks on company check stock, assign check numbers to paper checks for accounting purposes and review paper check reports.

Assign Check Number

TRAXPayroll does not offer check printing services. However, we work with a company that can provide that service for you. Click here to learn more. 

To assign a check number, go to the Pay Cycle tab under Reports and select Paper Check. Then, click Assign Check Number.

  1. Starting Check Number: Enter the number by which you would like to start numbering checks.
  2. Assign: Click here to renumber the remaining checks.
  3. Check Number: Check numbers will be assigned sequentially, starting with the number you entered as the starting check number.
  4. Edit: Click Edit to change an individual check number. Checking the Cashable Immediately box will allow the print date to print on the check instead of a future pay date. This is useful for situations such as terminations where the check needs to be cashed immediately. Be sure to click Update to finalize your changes. Clicking Cancel will discard any changes made.
  5. Close: Once you have made all individual changes, click Close to navigate back to the Pay Cycle tab.
Check Configuration

Employee paper checks can be printed on your company check stock. To adjust check configuration settings to match your company stock, navigate to the Company Pay Group tab in TRAXPayroll. Click "Action" then "Make change - to correct existing record" next to the applicable pay group.

Simply select the position of the check and then check or uncheck what fields you’d like to show. Descriptions of each field in the screenshot above will help you see where the information will be shown on the check.

Navigate back to the Reports tab, select "Paper Check" and then click the applicable employee to see the preview of their paper check which will now reflect your updated check configuration settings.

If you cannot get the configurations to match your specific company stock, consider printing the check amount from another internal system or writing the check physically. You may also consult your bank for update check stock.

Paper Checks Report

To review the correctness of check numbers listed for each employee, check out the Paper Checks report.

PDF version of the Paper Checks report

This report lists employees and their net pay amount. Assigned check numbers will show in the Check Number column.

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