Additional Payroll Services & Fees

What additional payroll services are available using payroll?

Purpose: Our payroll teams will handle your payroll needs, however, we understand that each company may have unique circumstances that require additional help. This help guide will explain the common payroll services available to fit the needs of your company and the additional payroll fees that may be associated when running payroll.

Trace Number Request

Customers may request a trace number for an employee's direct deposit. The first eight digits of the trace number are the transit/routing number of the bank and the last seven digits are the sequence numbers assigned to the business entity. There is no time limit on when a customer can request a trace number.

To request a trace number, send an email to Payroll Support including the following information:

  • Pay date
  • Employee name
  • Employee net amount deposits (list each amount for every account needing a trace)

The associated fee for requesting a trace number is $10 per direct deposit account. 

Updating Company Bank Account Information

To ensure the security of company bank account information, admins cannot make direct edits to the bank information after the initial setup. Payroll Support will need to make all changes. For more information on this process, please visit this help guide.

Please note there is a $50 fee associated with replacing your current bank account or adding a new bank account. See below. 

Year-To-Date (YTD) Correction

A Year-To-Date (YTD) correction occurs when there is a need to correct wages or deductions entered incorrectly. The associated fee for requesting a YTD correction that takes less than an hour is $100. If the correction takes longer than an hour, then the fee is $200 per hour.

Please send all YTD corrections to our Payroll Corrections team through this form.

Importing Direct Deposit and W-4 Data

We can bulk import direct deposit, federal, and/or state tax data into BambooHR. To make this request, please reach out to Payroll Support via email or phone support. Support will provide the necessary templates, and once completed, will be used by our team to import the data into BambooHR. The associated fee for requesting an import of data is $200 per hour.

Importing Recurring Wages

We can bulk import recurring additional wages into TRAXPayroll. To make this request, please reach out to Payroll Support via email or phone support. Support will provide the necessary template, and once completed, will be used by our team to import the data into TRAXPayroll. The associated fee for requesting an import of data is $200 per hour. For more information about recurring additional pay, please visit this help guide.

Direct Deposit Reversal Request

Overview and definition

If a direct deposit payment is incorrect, BambooHR can attempt to recall the funds from the employee's bank account up to 60 days following the original pay date. When requesting a reversal, inform the employee that they should have the full amount of net pay available in their account (no partial recalls). If the reversal fails, the employer will need to work with the employee directly to obtain funds. Once the employer receives the funds, please request a void of the original check (see "Void Paycheck Request" above). 

Please note that other terms for reversals may also be “item deletions” or “stop payments.” The sooner the reversal is requested after the pay date, the more likely it is that the recall of funds will be successful. If a reversal is requested prior to the pay date, we can attempt to stop the funds from depositing into the employee's account. The employee may see the payroll sweep from their bank reduced by the item deletion amount.

Reversal process

To request a direct deposit reversal, send an email to Payroll Support including the following information:

  • Pay date
  • Employee name
  • Employee net amount deposits (list each amount if there are multiple accounts) 
  • Reason for reversal (i.e., wrong bank account, incorrect pay amount, etc.) 

Please note that it takes 2-3 business days for the reversal to process and 7-10 business days to confirm the successful processing of the reversal. If successful, the employer will receive a direct return of the funds to the bank account on file. The associated fee for requesting a reversal is $30 per direct deposit account.

Void Paycheck Request

Overview and definition

Voids correct year-to-date data in payroll such as hours, taxable and non-taxable wages, deductions, taxes, etc., for W-2 and reporting purposes. It is not possible to void a partial paycheck. Voiding a paycheck does not collect the net payment issued to an employee and deposited into their bank account(s). A reversal is an attempt to retrieve direct deposit funds from an employee's bank account. Typically, we recommend requesting a reversal before starting the process of voiding the paycheck in our system because it ensures the successful return of funds to the customer. 

Our system processes voids by reducing the next standard payroll tax liability (EE and ER taxes) by the amount of the taxes from the original paycheck being voided. If the next standard payroll does not have enough tax liabilities to reduce, the void will get pushed to the next standard payroll. 

Is a void necessary?

The following situations are where we recommend a void:

  • Incorrect federal or state taxes withheld (i.e., was not FICA exempt, wrong location)
  • Incorrect tax frequency withheld for supplemental pay (i.e., bonus, severance)
  • Incorrect time off hours originally processed in payroll
  • If the company does not have a method to pay the employee outside of TRAXPayroll and their direct deposit failed (deposit was returned), they can choose to void and reissue the payment with the correct direct deposit information

The following situations are where we do not recommend a void:

  • Incorrect deduction amounts withheld 
  • Overpayment of an extra pay item 
  • A large number of voids and/or a large void amount, which may result in not having the credit amount returned to the company on the next standard payroll

Please reach out to Payroll Support for additional information about correcting situations similar to these.

Void processes

There are three different void processes.

  • Current Quarter Void: A paycheck with a pay date that has been processed in the current quarter, and the company has another standard payroll with a pay date in the current quarter.
  • Cross-Quarter Void: A paycheck that falls within the current quarter and at the time of the void request, the company does not have another standard payroll with a pay date in the current quarter. 
  • Cross-Quarter Correction: A paycheck with a pay date that was processed in a prior quarter.

Please note there are associated fees for voiding a paycheck.

Void Process
Service Provided
Current Quarter Void
Void an Employee Payroll
Cross-Quarter Void
Correct Payroll Administrator Error
Cross-Quarter Correction
Correct Payroll Administrator Error and Amend Quarterly Reports

If voiding a paycheck is required due to incorrect taxation or overpayment, please send an email including the information below to Payroll Support. In the event of an overpayment, funds should already be recovered in full before submitting this request.

  • Pay date
  • Employee name
  • Employee net amount
  • Collected deductions (i.e., child support, garnishment, etc.) included on this check
  • Reason for a void (i.e., wrong taxes, wrong amount, etc.)

Other common payroll service fees

Click here to see a list of the pricing details for each service fee.

Service Provided** Description
1099 & W2 Base Service (W2 Base Applies to Legacy Pricing Only)
The annual cost includes the creation and processing of 1099s at the end of the year. A digital PDF copy of each 1099 will be available in the Quarterly & Year-End Reports in TRAXPayroll.
Accounts in 'Applied For' Status Over 60 Days
You must enter the Tax ID as soon as it is received. Late fees apply if you do not enter it within 60 days. You will continue to incur late fees every 30 days until you enter the Tax ID.
Add YTD Entry After Original Implementation Date

This fee applies to you if our payroll teams need to manually enter missing or additional YTD data for your company after implementation.

Additional State Setup

The one-time processing fee applies if you add an additional state within BambooHR. You are responsible for registering and providing the applicable state and local Tax IDs and rates. If you are waiting on the Tax ID, selecting “Applying For Status” will allow you to process and pay the new employee until you obtain the Tax ID.

The Finding Company Tax Information guide helps you find your federal and state tax information so that you can enter it into BambooHR. Keep in mind that each tax has an associated tax ID, deposit schedule, and tax rate.

Amend Quarterly Reports or Replace Reports
Handle any corrections after the quarter ends with the payroll specialist assigned to your state. They will partner with you on the total cost of the corrections.
Bank Correction Fee This fee is charged if a correction notice is initiated from the employee's bank. 
Collect & Remit Garnishments
For an extra charge, BambooHR can file and remit garnishment payments on your behalf.
Correct & Reissue a W-2 Form
If you need corrections done for an employee's W-2, our tax team can issue a W-2C.
Correct Payroll Administrator Error
If you would like BambooHR to correct YTD data throughout the quarter.
Create Digital W-2 Form (Legacy Pricing Only)
Request to add digital W-2s.
Execute Same Day ACH Payroll Processing (Cannot Guarantee Delivery)
If you need to process a same-day payroll, funded via wire, there is an additional fee per employee ACH/direct deposit. 
File a Zero Payroll Report
At an additional cost, BambooHR can file a zero-dollar return on your behalf.
Grant a Payroll Processing Exception
If you miss both the original 12:00 PM PT deadline and the missed payroll processing deadline of 2:00 PM PT, you can contact BambooHR's payroll team to obtain a special processing exception code. This code will allow you to keep your original pay date and extends the payroll processing deadline to 3:30 PM PT.  Please keep in mind there are no additional deadline exceptions, and this is the final option for retaining your original pay date.
Include Third-Party Sick Pay
If you provide a statement from your insurance provider, BambooHR Payroll can handle the Third-Party Sick Pay (TPS) at an additional cost (per employee per request).
Mail W-2 Forms*
 The per-employee cost applies if you would like BambooHR Payroll to print and mail the W-2s on your behalf.
Print & Mail 1099 Forms
At an additional cost, we can print and mail the 1099s internally. For further details, please contact our Payroll Support team ahead of tax season.
Reopen Payroll After Processing Deadline 
This fee is applicable if you've already processed and approved payroll, but wish to reopen it to make a small adjustment after the deadline. Reopening a payroll after the 12:00 PM PT deadline of the day may not be possible, so please contact our Payroll Support team for further inquiry.
Services Needed for Custom Reports, File Feeds, Research and/or Problem Solving
  1. Custom GL Report: After you have completed one payroll run with TRAXPayroll, our specialist will use the journal entry data you provide to create a custom report in the file type you need. With each completed payroll run, you can generate this report and upload it into your accounting software. Our specialist will partner with you to discuss the timeline and pricing. It is a one-time creation fee of $200 per hour and can take around three to six hours to create. Please complete this form by clicking here: GL/401k/WC Request Form to have a custom report created.


  1. Custom File FeedOur reports specialist will partner with you or the vendor to create the custom report and build out the electronic file feed. Once created, the file automatically sends to the vendor after each completed payroll run. Please keep in mind that you may need to ask your vendor if they will accept an electronic file feed from BambooHR/TRAXPayroll. It is a one-time cost of $200 per hour to create and usually takes around three to six hours to build out. This does not include remitting the funds to your vendor. 

Note: Your request is important to us, and we will get started on it soon as possible! The custom reports are created in the order they are received, and the turnaround time depends on the complexity of each request (generally, it takes four weeks after the submission of the request).

*All terminated employees and/or those that have opted out of digital W2 forms will automatically be mailed their W-2.

**All bank and wire transfer fees are charged as a result of doing additional work for an organization and/or its employees will be passed onto the client. These include, but are not limited to, fees for bank corrections, bank deposit tracking, stop check payments, direct deposit return/resend/stop/reversal, prenote returns, payroll recall, wire fees, etc.