Approve Additional Pay

Purpose: You can enter additional pay, such as expense reimbursements, before running payroll so that they get automatically pulled into the payroll run. This help guide will show you how to add and approve extra pay.

Payroll Center

Go to the Approve Extra Pay tab under Payroll Center to get started.

Add Extra Pay

Administrators can add additional pay for individual employees by going to the Approve Extra Pay tab under the Payroll Center. Click Add Additional Pay/Expense to add a new item, click Edit next to an existing item to make changes, or click Delete to remove the applicable expense.

After choosing to add or edit additional pay or expenses, you will see a new screen. This is where you can add details about the extra pay. 

  1. Employee name: Select the employee from the drop-down list. Check the Show Termination box if you want to include terminated employees in the list. 
  2. Show Termination: If selected, this will show terminated employees in the drop-down list.
  3. Post Date: This date must fall within the payroll period start and end dates. If not, it will not be in the payroll run. 
  4. Job Name: You can add this for tracking additional pay for specific jobs, but it is optional.
  5. Pay Type: Select the pay type from the drop-down list. If you need to add additional pay types, contact our Support team.
  6. Amount: Enter the extra pay amount. 
  7. Reference Code: You can add this code to categorize extra pay information, but it is optional. 
  8. Note: The optional note field is for any notes about the extra pay you would like to include.
  9. File to Upload: You can upload PDF documents to confirm the charges, such as expense receipts. 
Approve Extra Pay

Check the box next to the extra pay records that need approval. Then, click Approve Selected. If you need to change or remove a record, use the Edit or Delete link next to the record.

Once the extra pay is approved, it will include in the payroll run. If you do not want to have the extra pay in your payroll run, you will want to wait to approve the extra pay until you would like to include it in payroll.

Review Approved Extra Pay
  1. Search Section: Click on the Search section to filter the list of extra pay records. 
  2. Approved & Ready for Payroll Processing: Select this option to see all extra pay records approved and are ready for processing. Click Search.
  3. List of Approved Extra Pay: Review the list of extra pay records for processing during this payroll run. Keep in mind only extra pay records with a post date during this pay period will be in the payroll run. 
  4. Unapprove Selected: Check the box next to any extra pay records that should be unapproved and then click Unapprove Selected.

Do you know you can also preview additional pay while running payroll? You will find this in the bottom left corner of Step 2 of payroll.

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