Sample Tax Calculator

How do I use the sample tax calculator?

Purpose: You can use the Sample Tax Calculator to estimate an employee’s net pay. An administrator can use this tool for all employees. This help guide will teach you how to use this tool. 

PLEASE NOTE: This calculation does not include year-to-date totals. If you have capped on any of your taxes or deductions, it does not consider those here. If you are running a manual check, please create a manual check run. You can use the calculations in a manual payroll to check how year-to-date totals would affect taxes.  

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Sample Tax Calculator

Go to the Payroll Center and click Sample Tax Calculator. Select the employee from the list, and the employee’s current withholding elections will automatically display. You can then update the following information to see tax estimates based on the employee’s elections. 

  1. Federal and State Withholding: Change the withholding elections as desired. 
  2. Deductions: Update or zero out deductions as needed. 
  3. Calculate: Select Gross or Net and adjust the amount as needed. Click Calculate.
  4. Results: The estimated withholding and deduction amounts will display along with the net pay. 

You can use the Sample Tax Calculator to gross up an employee's salary to ensure the employee receives the full amount promised, even after taxes. A tax gross-up is usually for one-time payments, such as a bonus check or relocation payment, but you can also gross up your regular payroll.