Pay Cycle Reports in TRAXPayroll

How do I create and manage reports for a specific pay cycle?

Purpose: To show you how to use the Pay Cycle tab in TRAXPayroll to track data for a specific pay cycle.

Table of Contents

Create a report

  1. Pay Group: This option will allow you to filter your results based on the pay group if desired or show you all reports available based on your payroll runs for each pay cycle.
  2. Pay Stub: From here, you can see a complete listing of employees with pay stubs when the radio button is on All. You also can select Paper Check or Deposits to filter the report to show pay stubs based on paper checks or direct deposits. Paper checks can be assigned check numbers for printing.
  3. PDF Reports: Select from a variety of PDF reports. Click the link, and the report will open in a new window in .pdf format. You can sort PDF reports by Branch, Class, Department, or Division.
  4. Microsoft Excel Reports: Select from a variety of excel formatted reports. Click the link, and the report will download to your computer. Reports under Complete Summary include the majority of data from the payroll run.

Run the report

  1. Make your pay group and pay cycle selections.
  2. Set your sorting options, if applicable.
  3. Click on the report that you would like to view based on your selection in PDF or Excel format.

In the screenshot above, I have selected all employees during the 06/08/2021 pay cycle. I can choose one of the two employees that meet that criteria to view their pay stub or from the list of PDF reports or Excel reports.