Payroll FAQ

If you do not have Payroll and are interested in purchasing it, click here! Clicking this link will immediately send a request to our Payroll team.

Do you handle garnishments?

Yes, you can set up garnishments for free in BambooHR. If you want BambooHR to collect and pay garnishments on your company's behalf, we can also do that as an additional payroll service. Garnishments are a per payroll cost if you want BambooHR to collect and remit the funds. Some clients will set up a garnishment processing fee deduction to pass the cost back to the employee.

Do you print checks?

No, we do not print any checks. We are a green company and do not take on the liability of having your check stock in our offices. However, we offer the ability to print checks on-site directly from the system so that you do not have to wait for a packet to arrive and pay for shipping and postage. You can print checks in TRAXPayroll by going to the Reports tab and clicking on the Paper Check option in the Pay Stub box. From there, click on the applicable employee's name to see their printable check. Print the check on your company check stock. Click here to learn how to assign check numbers, and alter the check's configuration to match your company stock.

We work with a company, CTP Solutions, that can print checks for an additional cost. Please note we do not have an integration with their system, but they are available to print checks. Please contact them directly for more information. 

We recommend using pay cards to avoid paper checks for employees who do not have a direct deposit. While TRAXPayroll does not offer pay cards, you are welcome to contact any vendors that offer them. Companies like Rapid, Wise, or Chase are examples of companies that offer pay cards, though we do not partner with any of themPlease be considerate of your state laws with regards to requiring employees to be paperless.

What if someone does not have a direct deposit account?

We recommend that clients print a check for those employees who do not have direct deposit.

Additionally, we recommend using pay cards to avoid paper checks for employees who do not have direct deposit. While BambooHR does not offer pay cards, you are welcome to contact any vendors that offer them. Companies like Rapid, Wise, or Chase are examples of companies that offer pay cards, though we do not partner with any of themPlease be considerate of your state laws with regards to requiring employees to be paperless.

What if an employee didn't receive their direct deposit on pay day?

There are several reasons an employee's check may be delayed or not deposited. The most common reason is when incorrect routing and account numbers are used. If this is the case, be sure to update the employee's bank account information in BambooHR as soon as possible. 

When a direct deposit is not received, BambooHR will be notified by the bank 2 business days following the pay date. At that time, we will reach out to your company contact to share details and payment options. In the meantime, we recommend having the applicable employee reach out to their bank's ACH department, who can tell them if they can re-route the funds to the correct account. 

We highly recommend waiting until we send you the direct deposit failure notice before you pay the employee any other way. For example, if you pay the employee through a manual check and the bank reroutes the original deposit to the employee's correct account, you risk double paying the employee and will have to recoup the overpaid funds outside of payroll. However, the decision and risk of paying an employee before we reach out about a failure notice are ultimately up to you and your company.

How do I correct an incorrect payment made to an employee?

When a payment is incorrect, it's important to get it corrected as quickly as possible. Please note there are fees associated with voids and reversals. Use the appropriate pay types and deductions to ensure year-to-date totals are also corrected. Employees should be informed so they're aware of the correction method.

If an employee was overpaid, consider the following options after notifying the employee:

  1. Collect the overpayment on the next paycheck, using the appropriate deduction or negative pay type. 
  2. Recall the funds through the employee or via a reversal. Once the payment is recovered, process a void through Payroll Support and run a manual payroll to record the correct payment.

If an employee was underpaid, consider the following options after notifying the employee:

  1. Add the underpayment to the employee's next paycheck, using the appropriate pay type or negative deduction.
  2. Process a manual payroll for the underpayment. Consider suppressing deductions to avoid over-withholding.
  3. Process a void through Payroll Support and run a manual payroll to record the correct payment. If you've collected the incorrect payment, pay them the new net amount. Otherwise, make sure to override the manual payroll for a printable check so they aren't getting paid a portion again. Instead, write the check for only the net difference between the incorrect and corrected check.
How do my employees receive their year-end W-2?

All W-2s and 1099s are set to paper by default and will get mailed out to the employee's home address when ready. However, employees with access can elect for a paperless W-2 by toggling on the Go paperless and get my tax documents exclusively online option at the bottom of their taxes section, under the Pay Info tab. BambooHR will send out an email to all employees when their W-2s are available online. Admins have access to all W-2s through the Reports tab in TRAXPayroll.

All terminated employees (and the employees of terminated clients we are processing year-end for) will receive a paper copy regardless of their election.

For more information about year-end tax documents, visit the Tax Document FAQ.

What are the fees associated with W2's?

To learn more about the fees associated with the W2 form, please refer to the additional payroll fees.

Does the system adjust (prorate) for salary employees who are terminated or start within the pay period?

No, you would need to enter a manual calculation of pay based on hours worked in place of the current rate in Step 1 of the payroll.

What workers' compensation carriers do you work with?

We have Worker Compensation Premium Estimate reports that you can use to report your payroll to any carrier. We also offer the pay-as-you-go option with Amtrust, Hartford, or Travelers.

Do you integrate with Quickbooks or other accounting software programs?

We can build a general ledger report for Quickbooks in a .iif file or any other accounting software. You can download the custom report and upload it directly into Quickbooks to book your accounting. Quickbooks online requires a third-party upload tool to make it work. Please note all custom reporting has a charge of an additional fee.

Does payroll in BambooHR push out the 401k deferrals to 401k vendors?

BambooHR can send a custom file feed to any 401k vendor as long as they accept electronic file feeds. Please note all custom reporting includes an additional fee. If you are interested in a custom 401k file feed, complete this request form.

Does Payroll work with pre-tax administrators (FSA, transit, commuter, dependent care)?

No, but you can set up uncollected deductions for all of these and then pull contribution reports for them after you approve payroll.

Can Payroll in BambooHR handle Roth and catch-up 401K deferrals in addition to the regular deferrals?

Yes, you can add a 401K catch-up deduction and set the max contribution to $6,500, or you can change the specific employee's 401K from $19,500 to $26,000 for max contribution.

Read more about automatic 401k maximums in payroll under "Does payroll automatically cap 401k and HSA deductions at their annual maximums?" in this guide.

Does TRAXPayroll work in all browsers?

Yes, you can find supported browsers here. We can also lock down access to specific IP addresses if needed.

If an employee gets a pay increase during the pay period, will the system re-calculate the salary based on the number of days at the old and new rates?

No, the system only calculates the per pay period salary for each pay cycle. You can manually calculate it and change it during Step 1 of your payroll run.

Does the system allow you to designate one state or another (or both) to withhold state payroll taxes?

You can designate which state taxes are paid out of. An employee can only have one state per pay period assigned.

How do I correct incorrect deductions withheld or incorrect deduction year-to-date totals?

Most incorrect deductions can be corrected in a manual payroll or on the employee's next paycheck. To make corrections, follow these steps in your selected payroll:

  1. Click Edit next to the applicable employee in Step 2 of payroll.
  2. Scroll down to the Deduction/Accrual/Garnishment section. Use the Override Amount box under the applicable Employee or Employer section to enter your correction amount. Don't forget to include current pay period deduction amounts in your calculations (see example below). Entering a positive deduction amount will reduce the employee's pay, so you can only make this correction during a payroll where the employee also has earnings greater than their deduction amounts. Entering a negative number will reimburse the employee and likewise correct their year-to-date total for that deduction.
  3. Click Save and continue to Step 3. Use the Earning Statement in Step 3 to verify deductions and year-to-date totals are correct before approving.

For example: If I originally withheld $25 for a deduction that should've been $20, I'd enter negative $5 (-5) as the Override Amount to refund the difference to the employee on the manual payroll. However, if I'm doing this on a regular payroll run, then I'd likely enter a positive $15 (15) to account for the $20 deduction for this payroll plus the $5 refund.

Does payroll automatically cap 401k and HSA deductions at their annual maximums?

BambooHR does automatically calculate and cap 401(k) contributions at the annual maximums based on the IRS limits for an employee's age. This is possible because 401(k) maximums are based strictly on employee age.

Unlike the 401(k) limits, BambooHR does not automatically cap HSA contributions at their annual maximums. This is because HSA contribution maximums vary on a number of different factors (employee only vs. family coverage, if a spouse is also contributing to the HSA with a different employer, etc.).

While the system does not automatically select a limit for you, you can manually apply an appropriate limit to an employee's HSA contributions. To apply a limit, navigate to the employee's Benefits tab, edit the HSA benefit, click more options and enter the employee's specific Annual Maximum amount.

I completed the Getting Started Survey and expressed interest in a custom pay cycle data report. Does this count as my request?

No, you will receive an email that will explain a request form needs to be completed and it will provide a link to the request form. For ease, you can use this form link to submit your request.

Does payroll in BambooHR account for Viriginia's overtime requirements?

Currently, BambooHR doesn't automatically calculate this since they are applied according to your own company guidelines and tax laws. You'll need to calculate these totals for your employees and add them as extra pay when running payroll. Please be sure to refer to Virginia's state tax website for overtime wage rules. 

Since the calculations are required by a 40-hour workweek, you could opt for biweekly or weekly pay frequencies for hourly employees (workweek may be determined by a company i.e. Monday - Sunday or Sunday - Saturday, etc) as this will make the calculations a bit easier. 

Once you have determined the dollar amount, you will need to add this as an additional pay type in step 2 of run payroll using the option "Additional Overtime Pay" wage type.