Excel Reports in TRAXPayroll

What reports are available for download in Excel format in TRAXPayroll?

Purpose: This help guide will show you which reports are available in Excel format.

Pay Cycle Reports

The Pay Cycle tab allows you to run reports for the selected pay cycle. The following Excel reports are available on this tab.

Cash Requirement

The Cash Requirement report provides helpful insight into your payroll debits and liabilities. You can view the total debits, check payments, fees, and outstanding liabilities from your payroll broken down by employee.

Payroll Changes Only

This report looks at the payroll selected and compares it to the previous regular payroll run. It ignores manual runs. 

Payroll Complete Compare

This report looks at the payroll selected and compares it to the previous regular payroll run. It ignores manual runs.

Paycheck Register (Excel)

The Paycheck Register report is a summary of the employee's paycheck during the specified pay cycle. It details out wages, taxes, deductions, and employees' demographic information.

Paycheck Register Hour Type (Excel)

This report details wages, employees' demographic information, and benefit hours used during the specified pay cycle.

Voided Paycheck (Excel)

This report details the checks voided during the specified payroll run.

Paper Checks (Excel)

The Paper Checks report helps you to identify for which employees you need to print a paper check.

Complete Summary reports

The Complete Summary reports sum wages, taxes, and deductions and breaks them out by type. Each wage and tax is listed separately and summed up together. You can run these reports with or without demographic data. These reports are helpful because they house a lot of data from the payroll.

Wage & Hours

The Wage & Hours reports allocate wages, taxes, and deductions per job by percentages. This is helpful for companies that need everything broken out per job for accounting purposes.

Hours Worked Liability

Hours Worked Liability shows the dollar amounts associated to each hour benefit earned and used so you can see how much they cost and the remaining liability.

Banks Direct Deposit

The Bank Direct Deposit report lists employees in the specified payroll run who had direct deposits. The account number will not show for security purposes.


The Deductions reports allow you to run a report for each deduction type so you can easily see who is on each plan. Additionally, you can run the All Deductions report to view all deductions for all employees for that pay cycle.

Each report includes the following for each employee: employee's name, hours worked during the pay cycle, deduction amount, year-to-date total (for employee), employer amount, and employer year-to-date total. Additionally, the report includes the total for each benefit and the grand total of all benefits if running the All Deductions report.

The available reports vary based on the deductions currently used for each specified pay cycle.

Additional Date Range reports

The Date Range tab allows you to run reports for a specific date range instead of by pay cycle. There are a few additional Excel reports available when using a date range. Date Range reports with asterisks next to them (PDF and Excel) run by the Date From field.

Employee Census

The Employee Census reports detail all of the demographic and work details of each employee. 

This report includes the employee's name, employee ID, SSN, employee number, job title, birth date, hire date, annual salary, address, email, home phone, work phone, gender, marital status, termination date, position job title, pay grade, EEOC, race/ethnicity, branch, class, department, division, worker comp, manager, and alternate manager. 

Employee Deduction

The Employee Deduction report provides details of each employee and their employer deductions for the specified date range.

Employee Wage

This report provides insight into the wage, overtime rate, and additional wages for the specified date range.

Please note employees will only appear in this report if they have an active wage in the date range. If you run the report for a date range that is before the employee's wage date, the employee will not show in the report.

Employee Bank

Employee Bank provides you a listing of banking information for verification.

Employee Hour Benefit

This report identifies which employees have specified hourly benefits.

Worker's Compensation Salary List

This report provides employee demographic details, workers' compensation codes, and wages paid in the date range selected.

Worker's Compensation Estimate

You can use this report to estimate the premium owed by the employer based on the assigned workers' compensation rate of the employee.

Employee Summary

These reports summarize the pay types, deductions, taxes, and hour types per employee. The above example is the By Pay Type report.

Estimated Annual Income

This report takes the wage active as of the start date of the report to estimate the annual salary. This is estimated from the Employee Wage tab.

Bank Change

The Bank Change report lists all employee bank records added or modified in the date range selected.

Benefit Detail

The Benefit Detail report shows credits and debits for each hour type applied in each payroll, including beginning and ending balances.

Deduction Change

The Deduction Change report lists all employee deduction records added or modified in the date range selected.

Demographic Change

The Demographic Change report lists all employee deduction records added or modified in the date range selected.

Hour Type Change

The Hour Benefit Change report lists all employee hour benefit records added or modified in the date range selected.

New Hire

This provides a listing of new hires during the specified date range.

PPP Estimation Report

The information in this report can be useful in your Paycheck Protection Program loan application process. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not you qualify to apply for the PPP loan. You are responsible for all information submitted to the SBA or any lending institution to obtain a loan. It's important to review and confirm the accuracy of the information contained in this report, as well as all information you provide as part of your application. The information in this report is based on gross pay and has exclusions as noted below. Depending on your situation, it may not fully entail all data needed to complete your application accurately.

In addition to this report, you will need the 940 and 941 reports in the TRAXPayroll report library to complete your application successfully. 

Click here to learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program. 

You can run the Paycheck Protection Program Report for any custom date range using the date range filters at the top of the report. This report is only available in Excel format, not PDF.

This report includes the following information:


  1. Month and year
  2. Total of each column
  3. Average payroll cost (for all months included in the report)


  1. Gross Pay $ amount for the month
  2. Employer Taxes State and Local $ amount for the month
  3. Employer Taxes SS/Med $ amount for the month
  4. Employer Benefit Costfor the month
    • Employer-paid amounts for group health care benefits and insurance premiums, including the employer’s share of medical, dental, and vision premiums. 
    • Employer-paid short-term disability, long-term disability, 401K, and HSA contributions.
  5. Payroll Cost (sum of all previous columns)
  6. # of Employees Paid in each month

This report excludes the following information:

  1. When an employee has over $100,000 in gross pay wages, and in the month they reach that amount, the excess wages will not be in the report. Additionally, the applicable taxes and deductions that correspond to the excess wages get excluded from the report.
  2. It does not include workers' compensation premiums.
  3. It does not include contract workers, just full-time and part-time employees.

If you have joined TRAXPayroll after 1/31/2020, you will receive an error message letting you know you will not be able to see the data in this report. Please reach out to a payroll support hero (1-866-872-9123 or payrollhelp@bamboohr.com), so we can assist you with getting the right information.

Retirement Plan Audit

The Retirement Plan Audit report provides a quick listing of the amounts employees and employers contributed to specific retirement plans by pay date.

W-2 Delivery Method

Would you like to see how your employees have designated to receive their W-2? This report will display whether or not your employees have chosen to go paperless and when they last updated their delivery method. The delivery method is set to paper by default, but they can choose to have it sent electronically to them through their Pay Info tab in BambooHR. This help guide provides more information on how to change the delivery method. 

Wage Change

The Wage Change report lists all employee wage records added or modified in the date range selected.