Custom Pay Cycle Data Reports and File Feeds in TRAXPayroll

What is the difference between custom pay cycle data reports and custom file feeds in TRAXPayroll?

Purpose: To explain the difference between a custom pay cycle report and a custom file feed. Additionally, to make you aware of how to request a custom project. 

Custom Reports vs. Custom File Feeds

BambooHR Payroll offers the building of custom pay cycle reports for General Ledger (GL), 401k, Workers Compensation, HSA, and FSA data. These reports pull data that already exists in TRAXPayroll from previous payrolls into a format that better meets your needs. You can then use that report to import data into other systems.

Similarly, BambooHR Payroll offers custom file feeds available for 401k, Workers Compensation, HSA, and FSA vendors. File feeds send payroll data directly from your TRAXPayroll account to your requested vendor via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), meaning data is securely transferred using encryption and no clear text file data is transferred. Please note that BambooHR does not transfer nor collect monies associated with the file feed as that remains your responsibility as a BambooHR Payroll client. No report is produced in your Reports tab.

All custom requests can be submitted through this request form. Please note that there are fees associated with all custom requests. Fee amounts are stated in the request form and vary depending on completion time.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions before submitting any custom request to ensure this process is clear and best meets your business needs.


What’s the difference between a custom pay cycle data report and a custom file feed?

A custom pay cycle data report will pull requested data from each payroll into a specific format to meet the needs of the customer. These reports are most commonly used for importing payroll data into another vendor's system. For example, the goal of the custom GL Report would be to click and import all applicable data into your own accounting system to assist with tracking financial transactions. Custom reports will show on your Reports tab in your TRAXPayroll account.

A custom file feed does not result in access to any report. Instead, it removes the need for manually importing data into a different vendor software as the requested pay cycle information is sent directly to the vendor of your choice after each pay run. The data is sent via SFTP, meaning the data is securely transferred using encryption and no clear text file data is transferred.

How do I request a custom pay cycle data report or custom file feed?

If you are interested in a custom pay cycle data report, simply and accurately complete this form. We will be sure to reach out to you if we have any questions about your submission. Once you submit the form and we create the report, it will become available to use on your TRAXPayroll Reports tab.

 If you are interested in a custom file feed, complete this form and select the appropriate data type in Step 1 (401k, HSA, etc.) During the next step, select “I need it to be a file feed” to clarify that you want a file feed, not a report. We will be sure to reach out to you if we have any questions about your submission.

Why are all custom requests subject to approval and what does that mean?

As stated at the top of the request form, please note that all requests are subject to approval. If your request does not fit within the general scope of the requested report or file feed type then it could be rejected. For example, if the GL option is used to request something other than a report used to help record payroll data into ledger codes, then it will be rejected. 

You will be contacted by our reporting specialist if this applies to your request.

How long does a custom request take to complete?

Your request is important to us, and we will get started on it soon as possible! The custom reports are created in the order they are received, and the turnaround time depends on the complexity of each request. Generally, it takes four weeks following your first payroll or four weeks from the day you submit the request.

To speed up the creation process, please provide clean data. For example, if you request a GL Report then provide a Chart of Accounts which only applies to payroll items, not the entire Chart of Accounts in your accounting software. Please also create or provide a sample journal entry of what it would look like to book a payroll transaction into your accounting software.

You must have run at least one payroll before we can begin creating your request. 

Can I request both a custom pay cycle data report and a custom file feed?

Rarely are both a custom report and a custom file feed needed for the same data type. However, you’re welcome to request as many as needed to meet your business needs. Please note that the form will need to be submitted separately for each custom request and that applicable fees will apply to each request.

The request form says to attach a “Sample Ledger File”, what is this?

This report should be a copy of the data you would use to import into your General Ledger. The goal is for this Sample Ledger File to be a file you could use to import.  For example, it should mimic things like the number of columns used, the data found in those columns, the naming of headers, if the column is blank (no value), any special formatting (i.e. date format), etc. If you don't have this yet, please work with your Accountant or accounting software vendor to create this report.

Exactly how much will my custom request cost?

Once we get to your request, our specialist will contact you within four weeks to discuss the timeline and pricing of your specific project.  All custom requests have a one-time creation fee based on the creation time which is $200/hour with a minimum charge of $200. Custom requests can take around three to six hours to create. 

Please note that future updates to your custom report will also be billed at $200/hr, rounded to the nearest 10-minute interval. 

I completed the Getting Started Survey and expressed interest in a Custom pay cycle data report. Does this count as my request?

No, you will receive an email that will explain a request form needs to be completed and it will provide a link to the request form. For ease, you can use this form link to submit your request.